Withdraw Your Budget Of Fraud, Fayose Tells Buhari

Ekiti State Governor,  Ayodele Fayose has urged President Mohammadu Buhari to withdraw the 2016 budget that has been engulfed in strings on controversy.

 Fayose who described the budget as a national embarassment insisted that the President should “simply do the needful by presenting a new and credible budget to the National Assembly.”

 Fayose described revelation by the Health Minister, Isaac Adewole, that the proposal drawn up by the ministry and submitted to the budget office had been doctored and that “foreign” appropriations, different from what was submitted, had been sneaked in as the height of national embarrassment.

While addressing the Senate Committee on Health during its budget defence session on Monday, Prof Adewole had stunned the Senators when he said; “We have to look into the details of the budget and re-submit it to the committee. This was not what we submitted. We’ll submit another one. We don’t want anything foreign to creep into that budget. What we submitted is not there.”

“Now, a whole minister has come out to say that budgetary provision for his ministry was forged!

“If under a President that says he is fighting corruption, the budget of the country got missing and we are now being told that the budget
being considered by the National Assembly has been forged, one cannot but be afraid that there is possibility of Nigeria being forged one
day, after the original must have gone missing.”

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