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The Year 2015: Our Year of Calamitous Disasters By Joe Onwukeme



If Nigeria, against perceived and preconceived mischievous intentions could survive the year 2015 unscathed, it is now clear that Nigeria’s disintegration is non-negotiable.

The year 2015 experienced a 12 month apocalypse that nearly ended our 55 years as a sovereign nation by some identifiable killer vices. No matter the binoculars one decides to view it from, it was “our year of calamitous disasters”.

In one calendar year, terrorism, insecurity, corruption, electoral violence and threats of secession left our nation on the brink of collapse. Nigeria recorded its deadliest year in terrorism attacks in 2015, more than ISIS and other terrorists groups put together.


It was a year Nigeria was relegated to a hell hole. Birth rates declined greatly while death rates plummeted across Nigeria. Survival became not for the fittest but the luckiest. Our churches/mosques were reduced to abattoirs, market places/motor parks became bomb detonation centres where people enter and come out in plastic bags.


Boko haram would boast the year 2015 was their year of conquest! It was also the year their tentacles were intensified and extended to neighboring nations after they had astronomically outnumbered our armed forces— raided battalions, massacred, maimed, raped, kidnapped, burnt down country homes, over powered our soldiers in battle fields and almost took over some State capitals in the North East.

The year 2015 exonerated stealing from corruption and stealing received the previous pervasive government’s official stamp of approval. The Dasukigate arms scandal was so massive a fraud that those who partook in it could make Africa’s’ top richest men in subsequent Forbes list.

After inflicting damage on our economy and pretending that all was well, the Year 2015 offered us the opportunity to ascertain the true condition of our ailing economy which had been hemorrhaging from all sides; it was made worse in 2015 as soon as sale of crude oil in the international market took a dip.


Killing at the least provocation by our trigger-happy police men, regardless of the situation or probable consequences became almost a daily occurrence in the year 2015. Our soldiers were not left out— barricading and blocking the right of way of our Army Chief’s convoy in the name of processions was enough to wipe out an entire generation from the surface of the earth.


The 2015 general elections also threatened our unity as a nation, it was the year Nigerian electorates practically understood the true meaning of “do or die politics”. It was the year; in the history of Nigeria that an incumbent president was roundly defeated but not without strict resistance from the shenanigans of the old corrupt political order who pillaged and plundered our collective wealth and wallowed in unmitigated profligacy until they met their waterloo at the polls.


The year 2016 is our year of total recovery, and we shall recover all our yams from the intestines of the goats that unleashed massive brigandage on our national barn in the year 2015. “He who has swallowed a pestle should be ready to sleep in a standing position.”


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