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2019 Campaign Begins For Buhari’s Second Term As Former NLC President Wants Him To Run Again



Former Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) president, Comrade Ali Corona has advocated another four years term for President Muhammadu Buhari to successfully complete all his government policies and programmes which aimed at re-engineering the entire sectors of the country.

He also asserted that four years or first term in office of President Buhari is not enough for him to address the bad governance of past
administrations, which had drawn the country into a pitiable situation.

Speaking at the civic reception organized by the NLC Borno state council in Maiduguri, he maintained that, “four years will not be enough for President Buhari.

“We want him to come back for another four years or second term to complete his job.  The situation he finds the nation economy require ling term good leadership to turn it around back to normalcy and vibrant stage as the giant and wealthiest of Africa”.

He also appealed to the present leadership of the NLC to support and rally round the present administration of President Buhari for a better Nigeria and indeed a changed Nigeria from what it used to be even before the eyes if the international community.

“The present position of the country is bad and the past leaders mismanaged the economy. So it will take time for the President to put things in order. We all have to be patient with the President and support him to achieve his set goals and policy objectives. Without you support all, he cannot succeed”, Cirona said.

He however commended the organisers and other allied union workers and government for their support to honour their own son which he
described as a tradition that Borno people excel in their responsibilities or service to humanity.

The former NLC President added that Comrade Ayuba Waba has quite impressively shown his virtues in all leadership positions he has been
assigned or elected right from the school days to unionism or Activism.


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