Trade Union Vows To Resist Buhari’s Attempts To Remove Petrol Subsidy

The Trade Union Congress has vowed to resist any move by the Federal Government to remove the fuel subsidy.

The President of he TUC, Mr. Bala Kaigama, urged the Federal Government to adopt measures against those behind the diversion of the ideals of the subsidy rather than punishing innocent Nigerians for the fraud.

He said that the TUC was ready to collaborate with the NLC and the civil society movement in the country to resist the conspiracy against the subsidy.

He said, “We are against the removal of the subsidy. The rich few who are behind the subsidy scam should be punished and not the innocent Nigerian citizenry.

“We are saying this because the moment you remove it, the prices of all essential commodes will go up. Transportation, housing and other essential services would go up.

“You have not given us any assurances, you have not talked of job security. You have nit consulted with stakeholders, you have not put measures in place, and you want to remove the subsidy unilaterally.

“The TUC is against it, we are ready to resist it in conjunction with the NLC and our civil society partners.”

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