“I Saw Death, Face To Face” – Says Abducted Nollywood Actor Who Regains Freedom

Abducted Nollywood star Prince Eke, has regained his freedom this morning. Eke was left with sustains bruises on his head, leg. The husband of popular music star, Muma Gee was kidnapped about two weeks ago. [Pictured is the actor and wife, along with their two kids]

It is yet to be ascertained if a ransom was paid to secure his release.

He was kidnapped with his PA, and he was badly brutalised and almost killed in the process of trying to escape but for divine intervention.

Read below his terrible ordeal in the hands of the absuctors:

“Driving to Port Harcourt with my PA, around Ubima link into Port Harcourt road from Owerri-Port road. Three guys jumped out of the bush with heavy guns, shooting directly at us driving towards them. As I tried to reverse, two came from the back with guns too. At that point I surrendered shouting ” please don’t shoot, please don’t shoot” they grabbed me and my PA straight into the bush.

At that point, they recognised I was an actor and they got so excited. We walked for a long distance inside the bush after they have already taken every thing on me remaining only my trousers.

They blindfolded and took us to one uncompleted building and then removed the blindfold. They waited till night before they took us by okada for about 30 mins ride to another uncompleted house where someone lives, because I heard voices. There, they took away my Atm cards and requested for my pin, of which I told them.

There in the building, they were 9 of them. One of them went and withdrew all the money in my accounts and they shared among themselves. From there they transferred us to a thick forest at night and told us that this is where we were going to be sleeping till further notice. They chained us as we slept on the bare floor guided with four gunmen.

The next day, they brought some dirty wrappers and said that we will sleep like kings today. Then I realised that these were young boys of about 21 / 22 years, as one of them told me his story of becoming a priest but fought and got suspended.”

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