David Mark Flood Otukpo With Rice, Salt, Tomatoes, Begins Road Construction

Following the nullification of the 5th term election of former Senate President, David Mark by the Appellate Court, the campaign team of the ousted legislator has flooded the city of Otukpo with iodized salt, rice and can tomatoes paste.

This is just as the Akpegede-born retired soldier has also commenced work on four different roads in the heart of the city.

It was gathered that among the roads billed for reconstruction are Otukpa, Owukpa and two others dominated by Idoma enone (west).

Mark has been criticized for refusing to attract develop to the area, which is populated by most of his political rivals.

It was also gathered that the road construction begins today, December 1 and is expected to reach completion before Christmas. The project is under the supervision of a certain Hon. Abel.

“As we speak, they have blocked Otukpa, Owukpa roads. The work is expected to start today, December 1 and reach completion before Christmas. We wonder where they have been,” the source said.

The rice crested with Mark’s picture and inscriptions that read, “Vote back senator Mark. If we retain him, the nation will retain us,” were apparently reserved after the general elections.

Already, Mark’s campaign team has been busy distributing the food items to residents of Otukpo.

It was gathered that while some rejected the ‘Greek gifts’ others accepted them and thanked the Okpokpowulu for remembering them.

Mark and Daniel Onjeh are expected to return to the polls after the Court of Appeal sacked him for rigging his way in.

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