Balarabe Musa Says Future Igbo President’s Must Stop Injustice Against Ndigbo

First civilian governor of old Kaduna State and elder statesman, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, on Saturday, October 25, claimed that future president must be from Ndigbo to end decades of injustice against the tribe.

Balarabe Musa, who is also chairman Conference of Nigeria Political Parties, said the prolonged marginalization of South East would bring disunity and other serious threats to the nation.

Although, the Peoples Democratic Party had zoned its 2019 presidential candidate to the North three years ahead of the polls, Musa calling on all political parties to zone its 2019 presidential candidates to the South.

Musa advised the Southeast zone not to stop sit and wait but to become proactive in the struggle for power shift to Ndigbo who he described as being also competent to rule Nigeria.

He asked President Muhammadu Buhari for not appointing any person from South East into his kitchen cabinet. He also stressed the present administration should rather heal the nation’s wounds than add more “salt to the injury”.

“I am not happy the way South East zone is been marginalised for a long time. Some said it was because of civil war but It happened for a long time and since then South East did not participate in any thing against the state,” he said.

“Now it is high time to give South East chance to rule Nigeria just like other zones. I expected President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint some few South East people in his so-called kitchen cabinet but he did not and it was unfortunate. I expect South East to produce credible presidential candidate which can emerge president of Nigeria in 2019 elections,” he added.

On the appointment of Mahmood Yakubu as INEC chairman, Musa said under normal circumstances South West should have produced the INEC chairman for sake of fairness.

“To me, INEC chairman can come from any part of the country if the person is patriotic and competent for the job. But if fairness must apply South West zone has never produced INEC chairman,” he said.

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