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Diezani’s Aide Says Kachukwu’s Brilliant Performance Before The Senate Vindicates Embattled Former Petroleum Minister



The Media Consultant to Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, Mr. Clem Aguiyi, has commended the Senate for televising live the screening of Ministerial Nominees as the truth about Diezani Allison-Madueke’s legacy as Petroleum Minister, is beginning to emerge despite the conspiracy to diminish her sterling accomplishments on the altar of politics.

In a release made available to media houses in Abuja soon after the screening of Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Mr. Aguiyi observed that the brilliant performance of the current Group Managing Director of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC),Dr. Kachukwu, during the senates’ screening, validated almost all the policies and actions championed and taken by the former Minister, which include: the unbundling of the NNPC to make it operate like a private company, introduction of stringent internal audit control mechanism, the PIB Bill, concern over the sustainability of the subsidy regime and shutting down of non performing refineries .

Recall, that Dr. Kachukwu, while reacting to questions by senators, reechoed the reforms and footprints of Mrs. Diezani Alison Madueke. He subscribed to the unbundling of NNPC into a private sector, while noting that there will be no removal of subsidy until palliatives were put in place. Kachikwu also disclosed that with the non-passage of Petroleum Industry Bill and PIB, Nigeria was losing 15 billion dollars yearly.

Mr. Aguiyi noted that Mrs. Madueke, single-mindedly championed the Petroleum Industry Bill, which was designed to make NNPC more responsive and accountable, but eventually the passage of the bill was frustrated by both domestic and external forces, some of whom today are after the former minister.

Kachukwu also told the Senate that he would continue to seek solutions even without the passage of the bill, using existing laws which was exactly what Mrs. Madueke resorted to throughout her tenure as Oil Minister.

Mr. Aguiyi further commended Dr. Kachukwu for speaking from the courage of his conviction because, his averred plans to distribute free cylinders to every home with gas stations closer to homes, is in line with Alison Madueke’s stimulation of gas based industrialization.

Mr. Aguiyi also noted that Mrs. Alison-Madueke, besides midwifing the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), also championed the introduction of local content in the oil sector and pushed for the adoption of the Nigerian Content Development Bill into law as a major priority. It became one of the very first acts of policy reform that was introduced in the infancy of the administration.

Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Bill (2010), was the first of its kind in Nigeria, and the first in West Africa. A specific agency then was created (Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board – NCDMB), charged with the responsibility of continuously developing opportunities for Nigerians.

Today, the results of the implementation of this act are obviously seen. It has resulted in the creation of more than 300,000 direct and indirect jobs. People’s individual lives and the lives of communities around the country, have changed completely as a result of their involvements in a sector which hitherto was a great mystery to all.

According to Mr. Aguiyi, the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Bill (2010), championed by Mrs. Madueke, was the first of its kind in Nigeria and the first in West Africa. A specific agency then was created (Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board – NCDMB), charged with the responsibility of continuously developing opportunities for Nigerians.

In addition, the level of participation of Nigerians in oil and gas contracts, for exploration and production of hydrocarbon resources increased from less than 10% to over 70%.
He noted that over $200 billion worth of procurements and nearly $10billion worth of research and development project, hitherto monopolized by foreign interests, as well as technical services valued at nearly $80 billion dollars’ worth of engineering works were retained in the country. Under her initiative, Nigerians, for the first time also made critical infrastructure investments such as marine vessels, petroleum jetties and depots to the extent that over 50% of vessels operating in Nigeria are owned by Nigerian indigenes.

According to Mr. Aguiyi, the nation cannot simply wish away the fact that as oil minister, Mrs. Madueke made giant strides, as she laid down solid foundations and made achievements that can be built upon by the current and future administration.


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