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Pius Adesanmi: Private Jets And The Lord’s Vineyard In Nigeria



Congratulations to Pastors T.B. Joshua and Enoch Adeboye on the purchase of their brand new $60-million Gulfstream luxury private jets – reported on two consecutive days by Sahara Reporters.

We are thankful to God for three unrelated reasons:

1) This epidemic of Gulfstream jets in the Lord’s vineyard in Nigeria is the Lord’s doing and it is marvelous in our eyes for only by faith do we understand that (bi ko se pe Oluwa ba ko ile na) unless the Lord builds the house and buys the jets, we labour in vain.

2) The extant presidential directive for determining the well-being of Nigerians is still to be found in Chapter One, Volume One of The Collected Thought of Goodluck Jonathan (Nairobi Publishers, 2014). This philosophy states that the well-being of the ordinary citizens of Nigeria is directly proportional to and dependent on the number of private jets accumulated by privileged Nigerians. Until our new President – himself a custodian of 12 presidential jets that he is using style to keep quiet about – tells us differently, we must celebrate all new additions to the private jet family in Nigeria.

3) The American prosperity Pastor, Creflo Dollar, tried to buy this same Gulfstream jet recently to replace his old one. He launched an appeal to his followers to sow the seed. There was outcry and outrage and he was forced to cancel the appeal. He still hasn’t been able to buy that jet. Two Nigerian prosperity Pastors have succeeded where a famous American prosperity Pastor failed. The Nigerian pastors do not have two heads yet they succeeded and the American failed. This is a source of national pride. Ki se pe a fi n yo Creflo Dollar. A fi n gbe oruko Olorun wa ga ni. This is a great moment for Nigeria. We are not mocking Creflo Dollar, we are just using the instance of his own failed bid to highlight the favour that the Nigerian ministry has found in the eyes of God.

May God continue to bless your hustle and draw your miracle closer to you as you sow abundantly. IJN.


Pius Adesanmi, PhD (UBC, Vancouver)
African Literatures and Cultures
Department of English Language & Literature
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, Canada.


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