IK Ogbonna Is Now Married To His Colombian Fiancée, Sonia Morales

Nollywood actor and model, IK Ogbonna is now married to his Colombian fiancée, Sonia Morales.

The two got married last week at a courthouse in Belgrade, Serbia in the presence of a few of Sonia’s family members according to reports.

IK took to his Instagram page to make the announcement. He wrote, ‘Done deal. We don’t know how to hate … It’s too much energy and we kinda love the art of love … Its more refreshing. So to all those that hate us it’s ok to hate but I must appreciate u guys (haters) and tell u how much we love u. Hope one day u will find love in ur heart. Let’s heal the world with love and leave hate , jealousy , envy , spite , anger and all the other family members … I truly do love and appreciate each and every one of you from d bottom of my OBI . Ok bye!

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