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Blocked Drainage Has Left Most Roads Across Lagos State Covered By Flood After Downpour [Pictures]

A heavy downpour in Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos, in the south-west, has left most roads across the state covered by flood. The flood caused traffic jam, forcing some vehicle owners to pack for the flood to recede.

Lagos Flood 2


Blocked drainage due to indiscriminate dumping of refuse on the roads by residents has become a common sight in the state, a situation needing adequate control and enforcement to ensure that waste in form of water bottles and other plastic bags are properly disposed.

Lagos Flood 5

To manage waste disposal in the commercial city, with a population of over 18 million people, the state government had established the Lagos Waste Management Authority, which is responsible for the collection and disposal of municipal and industrial waste and the provision of commercial waste services to the State and Local Governments.

Lagos Flood 6

But more is needed in the area of re-orientation of residents to ensure they dispose their wastes properly.

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