“How Can A Man Who Cannot Win His Ward Say PDP Will Be Buried” Fayose Comes For Mua’zu

The  Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayo Fayose, said, “The PDP cannot break under any circumstance. Secondly, Mu’azu as chairman or not, cannot and will not break the PDP. Mu’azu is not a force enough to break PDP.”

The National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, and the party’s National Working Committee on Sunday dared members threatening to factionalise the party. The national chairman said that the PDP would be buried if he succumbed to calls that he should resign.

Speaking through his Special Adviser on Media, Mr. Tony Amadi ,he told Nigeria’s PUNCH Newspaper… “Let them go and form their parallel party and let us see where they are going to get their votes from.The only reason Mu’azu doesn’t want to resign is because if he does, those who want the PDP buried will succeed.Why are these people trying to create problems for themselves and the outgoing President?

The President has said let us sheathe our swords; that is why we have not said anything for the past one week and we obeyed the President. He is our leader; why are they doing this?I thought that we have finished elections, we have got a President-elect and we are going to hand over to the President-elect. Why are they taking us back? Please, let them cool down, Mu’azu is not the problem.”

Fayose in a swift reaction said that Mu’azu did not have the clout to break the PDP, adding that if he (Mu’azu) ceased to be the chairman, the party would not die.

“How can a man who cannot win his ward, local government and state say the PDP will be buried if he resigns?” he asked.

The Ekiti State governor added that even if he (Fayose) left the PDP, the party would continue to exist.

He insisted that Mu’azu could not restructure the PDP, which he said needed restructuring.

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