Adamu Mu’azu Says PDP Intends Winning 24 States Especially Lagos And Rivers

by Musa Abdullahi

Adamu Muazu, chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says Lagos and Rivers are the primary targets of the party in next Saturday’s gubernatorial elections across the country.

He urged members of the party to mobilise ahead of the polls, saying the All Progressives Congress (APC) is currently distracted by its success at the presidential election.

Describing APC’s presidential victory as “one-off”, Muazu said the PDP intends winning in 24 states out of the 29 states where the election would hold. “Nothing will be sweeter than PDP taking Lagos, our own Rivers state and Imo. Our candidates in these states are first-class material who have fully penetrated the political structures of those states and are set to win,” he said in a statement issued on Saturday.

“I urge the PDP faithful to pick up the pieces and ensure that we return quickly to our old winning ways. There should be no room for voter apathy that was a major factor to our losing the presidential election. “While our opponents were savouring their famous victory, we should out flank them and corner at least two-thirds of the states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. “This is not an impossible target if we return to our elements with immediate effect.

We have done it before and we can do it again.” Muazu said PDP members should be proud of the party’s antecedents and do all within their power to emerge victorious on Saturday. “The key to winning the remaining election is heavy turnout and voting the PDP all the way,” he said. “There should be no tactical voting. Be consistent in your support for the party.

What we experienced in the presidential election is merely a hiccup, which we must cast out in the gubernatorial polls. “We have only lost a battle but the war to bring our country to the highest level of democratic governance is still to be won or lost. “Our governorship candidates should go out and finish the good fight and come up trumps in the remaining gubernatorial and houses of assembly election on 11th April. We are remaining the winning party and by God’s special grace we shall win again and again.

“All PDP supporters must remember their pedigree, our track record and history of the party and the source of our electoral feats of the last sixteen years. We are the reason that democracy has taken root in Nigeria since 1999.

This is something every member of our great party should be very proud of.”


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