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Mammoth Crowd Witnessed At Jonathan’s Campaign Rally In Kano



Mammoth crowd has again witnessed President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign rally, even as the president promised the citizens of Kano State that the government, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), would encourage small and micro medium scale enterprises in an effort to make young people employers of labour.

President Jonathan, in his speech at the PDP campaign rally, on Wednesday, said ‘‘any country that we are at par with now can never overtake Nigeria again in all fronts-in economic front, in industrial sector, in agriculture; and that is why we are trying to create young farmers.’’

He added that, ‘‘We are trying to create young business men. Luckily, we are in Kano, and if you talk about business, you remember people like the Aliko Dangotes, you can remember the Dantatas, the Rabius and others. So, we will surely work with you to encourage small and micro medium scale enterprises to make sure young people like you grow up to the likes of Aliko Dangotes.That is what we stand for, that is what we are working for.’’

According to him, ‘‘We reassure you that working with you, working with the incumbent PDP government; we will surely continue to improve commerce and industry in Kano. We will make sure young people have jobs, our women will have jobs; and that the economy of Kano will continue to grow from strength to strength.’’

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