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Breaking: B’Haram Launch Largest Attack On Cameroonian Territory With Abduction Of 80 Persons,Mostly Women & Children

Boko Haram insurgents intensified attacks just as Chad deployed its military in northern Cameroon in the fight against the Islamic terrorists with the abductions of 80 plus civilians.

The Cameroonian Newspaper reports that the Islamists today, Sunday , have attacked three Cameroonian localities .

A police source , contacted on Sunday morning in Maroua , the regional capital of the North Extreme, confirms these attacks. These include the kidnapping of 80 people; men, women and children, he said.

All inhabited the Maba Maki and villages in the borough of Mokolo in Mayo-Tsanaga . These localities were both completely destroyed and three people were found dead.

This is the largest hostage in Cameroonian territory , attributed to Boko Haram since the outbreak of the conflict. These communities are close to the border with Nigeria and are monitored by the Cameroon defense forces.

Chadian forces , entered Saturday late afternoon on Cameroonian territory are at present stationed 200 to 300 kilometers to the north from the place where the abductions occurred .

NewsWireNGR recalls that Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau had threatened Cameroon in a video message on YouTube, warning that the same fate would befall the country as neighbouring Nigeria.

The video, which was posted on January 5, is directly addressed to Cameroon’s President Paul Biya after repeated fighting between militants and troops in the country’s far north.

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