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Seun Kuti Blasts IBB & OBJ Over Recent Comments



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Nigerian afrobeat artiste and social critic, Seun Kuti has spoken out about recent comments attributed to former Nigerian head of states, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and General Olusegun Obasanjo. The duo have in recent times criticized the current government but the son of the late afrobeat king, Seun Kuti has a different opinion.

Here’s what he wrote on his Instagram page:

Where do I start fellow Nigerians. Is it obasanjo saying he stands for anything good in Nigeria or babangida claiming to be a saint. While you shoki and skelewu away ur selves the people who have destroyed u are busy re writing history. Whatever we are going thru in this country today is the result of ‘army arrangement’. The rot of our democracy today was planned in secret by top army generals in 99 and while maintaining a weakened judiciary they unilaterally imposed a corrupt constitution written by them. A constitution that protects thievery and gives immunity to all of them. How about the civil service and the pension boards filled with their cohorts and giving them kick backs. Now because they know that ‘we the people’ are not really interested in our own history and our own truths. New Year’s Day we pack ourselves into thoe places called churches and mosques controlled by political affiliates disguised as men of some foreign gods who tell u to continue in the way of your parents and expect different outcome. Tell u there is suffering because u are a sinner not because of the inequality of our society but they say these things cos it benefits them not you. BLACK MAN KNOW YOURSELF

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