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Opinion: President Jonathan Must Go For Nigeria To Survive!



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By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

You may want to ask me; what has President Jonathan done to deserve this? But I ask you what has President Jonathan done not to deserve this? And what has he done to make him stay four more years as the President of Nigeria?

11 years ago, after the 2003 general elections no one could have ever imagined that General Buhari would get such a resounding support as a presidential aspirant like he does now. And after the 2011 presidential election, majority of the people already believed that was the end of his ambition because many Nigerians believed in President Jonathan and thought he would fix the economy, fix the insecurity issues, fix the health sector, etc. Hence no need for a former military ruler- General Buhari

Like many others too, I had hoped that the election of President Goodluck Jonathan would bring about positive and valuable change of directions to the country and that he would deliver the true dividends of democracy to the people. Going by the gospel of transformation he preached during his campaign, coupled with his innocent look, most people thought he would place the interest of the nation first above personal gains. We had thought that the Messiah had come and most could not wait to give him our mandates. We dashed to the polls voted him and needed him to bring smiles on the faces of the people. So disappointing he never did! His uncaring, nonchalant, incompetent and “crimiphilic (criminals loving, having affinity for criminals, derive pleasure in pampering criminals etc) attitude never made him place the interest of the nation above personal interest.

You were here in 2012 when he removed the subsidy on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as petrol and promised heaven and earth through Sure- P. There was nothing we didn’t hear and that they didn’t say to get the masses confused and not convinced about what and how the funds realized from subsidy removal would be used for. But two years on, we are yet to see the “P” let alone the “SURE”.

You were here when our dearly beloved president negates a statement that is visible to blind, audible to the deaf and such that could easily be demonstrated by the dumb. I mean, him calling corruption mere stealing. Who is not aware that corruption is a bane to our development, growth and success?

Pathetically, you were here in March 2014, during the nationwide Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment exercise that was conducted simultaneously throughout the 36 states of the federation including the FCT. When unemployed Nigerians after paying to get a job were killed by the same job they never had. The president promised the money would be returned to them, but as I write, no money has been returned and nobody has been “crucified” for that.

Embarrassingly, you were here in April 2014, after the Nyanya bomb blast and the abduction of school girls in Chibok, Bornu State. Barely 24 hours after the ugly incidents and while Nigerians were still mourning, what President Jonathan could do afterwards was to travel to Kano to dance “Shoki” in a political rally meant to promote his selfish ambition.

Furthermore, you were here when he became tyrannic; tactically using his boys against the opposition. You remember the Amaechi attack, then the assault on the #BringBackOurGirls campaigners, then the unwarranted removal of the former Central Bank Governor- Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and then the invasion of the National Assembly. All in an attempt to shut down the opposition.

In addition, you were here when we were looking for $20b and nobody was apprehended for misappropriations, or fraud nor theft.

Common, don’t be biased, you were here when all these happened, wake up! What justification does he have to make him stay four more years as the commander- in- chief? None! Absolutely none!

During the just concluded People Democratic Party (PDP) National Convention held in Abuja, in his acceptance speech, Paragraph 53 through 59 President Jonathan asked some questions which am going to give him the answers and I quote:

53.     Has change not come to our railway system?

  1. Has change not come to our airports?
  2. Has change not come to our roads network?
  3. Has change not come to our agricultural sector?
  4. Has change not come to our electoral process?
  5. Has change not come to Almajiri education?
  6. Is change not coming to the power sector?

And the answer is No. We have not seen any appreciable changes that compliment the huge amount that has been widely reported to have spent on those projects.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We are not blind Nigerians; we can see clearly. How many sophisticated hospitals do we have in Nigeria? Where is the power for over 160 million Nigerians? Which education are you talking about? Where are the 1.6M jobs you claimed to have created?

I can go on and on and on to justify while President Jonathan must go.

Those that want him back do not do so out of passion for the country but because of their selfish interests. They are the types that have pity for the oppressors because they feed on them but care less about the oppressed!

It is a simple fact, I neither love nor hate GEJ; I hate nothing but his crimes, carelessness and cluelessness. A President, whose very name draws foreign condemnations on the nation, does not deserve to stay four more years as the president of the country. Giving him four more years as president of Nigeria would not make him innocent, it would only make more complicated the already complicated issues. .

The truth is, Dear President Jonathan, you see, majority of Nigerians understand and know the level of efforts and how hard you have been reported to have tried to transform the country. But the fact is, your best isn’t good enough and your well preached gospel of transformation isn’t working. You could please take a bow it`s time for change!

Therefore, it is with great regret I pronounce the fatal truth; President Jonathan must go, (I DO NOT MEAN DIE), rather than a hundred thousand virtuous Nigerian remaining in abject poverty. President Jonathan must go rather than millions of Nigerians living in a state of helplessness and insecurity. President Jonathan must go rather for corruption to continue to grow. President Jonathan must go because our country must survive!


Ogundana Michael Rotimi

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. laura

    2014/12/16 at 6:29 pm

    Humans are the most difficult to please! Dnt be blinded by the speech of “CHANGE” . Where has it become a crime for an oposition party not to join hands and fight corruption? Aint same country we living in? We dnt need a leader who swears deatha dn blood if not given the opportunity to rule. Be careful whom u fight for. Its. Only God who is gonna put the rightful person on that seat. Any one who is behind the insurgency and troube of this country won’t live to see 2015! Be warned!

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