Aviation Minister, Chidoka Launches Help Line And Passenger Service Portal [0700011111]

The Hon. Minster of Aviation, Chief. Osita Chidoka has recently launched an aviation passenger service portal and help line to improve service delivery in our airports.

Chidoka explained that it was imperative for this platform to be created in order to bridge critical lapses in the manner our airports and airlines currently operate.

The Minister noted that the initiative will improve service delivery at our airports redress delays, cancellations, dearth of information and deplorable services bedevilling the sector.

Speaking further, Chidoka expressed confidence that the passenger service portal and call centre helpline create a one stop platform for passengers to get access to information about hotels, car hire services, hospitals etc on line.

He further explained that with the commissioning of this platform and help line, passengers and airport users are entitled to seek redress for shoddy services.

In the same vein, unruly passengers in our airports are to be profiled through a mandatory identification for checking in process and possibly be barred from flying in our airports.

He called on the general public to avail these services through Passengers Service Portal (ASP) and call centre help line on 0700011111, for information on flight availability, local airport information, weather forecasts and airline performance analyses. Furthermore, visitors will have access to online aviation forums; industry news and Aviation commit updates.

The occasion was attended by all the chief executives of aviation parastatals, Airline operators, industry experts and aviation stakeholders.



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