Nigeria’s Super Eagles Remains Stagnant In FIFA Rankings

Nigeria amassed 21 more points in the latest FIFA rankings released on Thursday but remains in the position it occupied last month.

According to the FIFA rankings for November, Nigeria has 656 points as oppossed to the 635 it had last month, but the differential is not enough to take it up the ladder.

Between October 23 when the ranking for that month was released and yesterday, Nigeria played two matches – both of them qualifiers for the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations. The African champions won one and drew the last one which was however not enough to secure them a ticket to the Equatorial Guinea tournament.

Also, the country retains the ninth best position it occupied on the continent last month. However, there are changes in the rankings of the first 10 countries in Africa.

While countries like Algeria and Ghana remain first and fifth respectively on the continent, countries like Ivory Coast and Cameroon move one step from second to third and seventh to eighth in that order. Cape Verde slipped from the from the fourth position to the seventh position.

However, Senegal moved from the eighth position to the fourth position.

The African country with the greatest move is Guinea which jumped from the 55th position in the world to the 38th position. It is now the sixth best in Africa.

Egypt, placed 38th in the world last month and sixth in Africa dropped 22 steps down into the 60th and out of Africa’s first ten.

There is very little change in the world’s top ten, with the top seven positions unaltered from last month and world champions Germany still out in front ahead of Argentina and Colombia. France, however, are now in joint seventh place together with Portugal (7th, up 2).

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