Jonathan Says Some Nigerian Politicians Don’t Deserve Immunity

President Goodluck Jonathan on Thursday agreed with those campaigning for the removal of immunity clause from the nation’s constitution, saying some people do not merit it.

According to the Nigeria’s 1999 Constitution, the President, Vice President, state governors and their deputies enjoy immunity from criminal prosecution.

But Jonathan frowned at a situation where those who enjoy immunity abuse the privilege by making statements he said were capable of threatening the country’s survival.

He spoke when Governor Seriake Dickson of Bayelsa State led some traditional leaders and top government officials from the state to pay him a congratulatory visit on his 57th birthday.

He said, “If there are people making statements, threatening the survival of this country, especially some people who probably have constitutional immunity and are abusing that that privilege.

“That is why most Nigerians are saying that immunity clause be removed because some people don’t merit it, since they abuse it.
“Some people are making remarks that are more or less treasonable, don’t be worried, nobody can upturn this country.
“This country must continue and we will not give up to blackmail by anybody. We will do our best and Nigeria must survive this temporary setbacks like Boko Haram and other security challenges.”

Jonathan reiterated his position that despite the challenges being faced by the country, Nigeria would not disintegrate.
He said although the road might be rough, other nations had passed through such rough roads.

“Let me use this opportunity to reassure our people and all Nigerians that yes, as a nation, we have our challenges. Yes, it is rough, other nations have passed through such rough roads.

“I always said that I don’t know whether the State of Isreal has ever known peace for one day, but they are moving, they are developing.

“Go to America today, most of the millionaires are Jews, but they are always fighting to survive. So, that we have challenges should not be misconstrued that the country will come to an end.

“We will surely overcome those challenges and this country must move, this country must unite,” the President declared.

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