Opinion: A Disorganized APC Cannot Reorganize Nigeria

By Toks Ero / @toksero

Premise one: The APC is disorganized Premise two: Nigeria needs reorganization Conclusion: Therefore, a disorganized APC cannot reorganize Nigeria.

It is natural for the people of a country to expect better governance and better life with every new government. Even in the most advanced nations of the world where basic necessities of life and basic infrastructure are no longer issues of immediate or urgent concern, citizens and residents are still anxious and expectant for a party, a government and leaders that can guarantee even better life for them.

The 2015 general elections are fast approaching and Nigerians are perhaps the most anxious and expectant of the peoples of the world for a better party, better governments and better leaders. Nigerians are anxious and expectant that the new dispensation would be one that would mark a turning point in our national and individual lives.

Two main political parties – the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and the All Progressive’s Congress (APC) are the major contenders for the position of the Presidency which is the major power bloc to effectively birth and influence the positive change that Nigerians yearn for.

The Chairman of the PDP Governor’s Forum, Akwa-Ibom State Governor Godswill Akpabio recently announced their endorsement of incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan as her sole candidate for the Presidential election. Please note that State Governors are formidable power units in Nigeria. This declaration did not come as a shock to discerning observers as all permutations in the political atmosphere already indicated thus. Any other aspirant gearing up in the PDP is most probably gearing up for definite failure. We have seen President Jonathan traversing the length and breadth of Nigeria “campaigning” under the guise of engaging in “widespread consultations”.

Major contenders for the APC Presidential flag bearer are General Muhammadu Buhari and former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar. Buhari is a major NO-NO to rule Nigeria as President. For those who are not convinced, please read the article – The Crimes of Buhari, by revered Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka to be absolutely convinced. It is a good way to start and expand your research on the antecedents and character of Buhari. While I must admit that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has been most methodical in terms of ideas and campaign strategy, I am still not convinced that he is one to birth and influence the positive change we seek. Atiku comes across to me as one who is desperate to consolidate on his business and power gains. The presidency is just a means to that end; not for the benefit and welfare of Nigerians.

It is a tragicomedy that at just about three months to the general elections, one is yet to know who the APC Presidential flag bearer will be and they hope to unseat a major political party who will most likely field an incumbent President. I am not surprised though because the membership composition of the APC can best be described as the waste products of the PDP. It is unlikely that these deceptive elements will excel in the governance of Nigeria.

The PDP is a formidable political force. I believe the APC understands this fact. The APCs’ inability, at this time, to be a formidable counter force is sad and unfortunate. I am beginning to believe that there is an element or elements in the APC that are covertly working to whittle their power to confront the almighty PDP. At this time, one would have expected that the APC would have a definite and known Presidential flag bearer leading the party and loyal followers, seeking the co-operation and support of other political parties and where possible forming beneficial coalitions. What we have is an indecisive party that cannot reach a consensus.

For those promoting the APC as the party to herald the positive change of Nigeria, I sincerely wonder how a party that has not been able to effectively and efficiently organize her strategy and operations to do same for a complex nation as Nigeria especially in this era that we are confronted with grave security threats as terrorism amongst other sundry problems.

I pray for a better than Jonathan and a better than PDP. But at this point in our national life, I believe Nigeria is stuck with both. What is imperative for the generality of Nigerians is to become critical of bad governance and to be actively involved in the politics, elections and governance as we slowly trudge on to a Nigeria that meets our yearnings and aspirations.

God bless Nigeria!!!


Article written by Toks Ero blogs at www.toksero.org


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