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Breaking: Nigerian Military Orders Troops Sent To Recapture Mubi Back To Yola



The Nigerian Military Thursday ordered the withdrawal of Nigerian troops sent to take over the lost Nigerian territory of Mubi, a captured town in Adamawa State from Boko Haram Terrorists.

A source in the Military who does not want his name mentioned, tells NewsWireNGR that “the troops sent to recover Mubi from the insurgents are now being withdrawn” he said.

According to another Soldier who spoke from Yola, “Some of our colleagues are still trapped in the bush as they’ve not been able to enter Mubi since they were sent to recapture the town already named “the city of Islam” by terrorist.

“We’ve also been ordered to turn off our mobile phones by our Oga’s” the soldier concluded.

Another captain who also spoke to NewsWireNGR Thursday on condition of anonymity said, “honestly we can’t enter Mubi, only God will help the civilian population currently being governed by the insurgents.”

Another officer sent to recapture Mubi, Wednesday in a telephone conversation tells NewsWireNGR “We’ve completely achieved no progress, we actually stopped in a nearby town of Maiha for the past days since we were sent to take over the captured town by insurgents”

The Officer continued when asked by NewsWireNGR why the troops stopped, “Our commanders are afraid to go and they are not willing to have us killed, the terrorists are better motivated and well armed to face us” he concluded.

Sources in Yola say the fleeing army left enough artilleries and weapons to the terrorists in Mubi, hence the reasons for the growing apathy to face the terrorists.

Another source [a resident] who confirmed the resistance from the Nigerian Troops from invading Mubi said the Soldiers were sent since last Wednesday, all of them are camped at Gombi, Maiha and Hong.  He added that none left for Mubi, they were in the various communities in record numbers.

Phone call by NewsWireNGR to reach Major General Chris Olukolade, to confirm the authenticity of these reports was not reachable. It is however not clear if the withdrawal of the troops is connected to their inability to get into Mubi but we will be following the story and keep our readers updated.

Meanwhile, an Adamawa resident tells BBC Hausa that the recent capture of Mubi town was carried out by only 64 Boko Haram members.

The man who fled the captured town also told the BBC Hausa on Tuesday that the insurgents told the residents that only seven fighters attacked the military barracks.

“They told him that only 64 of them launched attack on Mubi and captured the town eventually. The boys (Boko Haram) told the cleric that only seven people were left to handle the town’s military barrack,” he said as the insurgents mocked the competence of the Nigerian military.

Four local governments: Michika, Madagali, Mubi North and Mubi South of Adamawa State, have fallen under the grip of Boko Haram leading to the displacement of thousands.

Nigeria’s Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar had Monday said Boko Haram currently controls 16 local government areas across three states – Borno, Yobe and his home state Adamawa.

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