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Military Steps Up Air And Land Deployment To Tackle Terrorists Activities

Press Releases

Necessary deployment of troops and equipment is ongoing to reverse all recent violation and breach of security by terrorists and criminals operating in parts of the country. The highly coordinated air bombardment is already yielding required results in the mission to repel the unwarranted attacks on citizens especially in Adamawa and Borno States as land forces are also conducting mopping up operations to apprehend retreating terrorists and facilitate restoration of normalcy in some of the affected communities. More details will be released as the operations progresses.

Meanwhile, the content of the video purportedly released by terrorist on Friday is being studied. Further information on subsequent position on the issues involved will be released as appropriate in due course.

The military will continue to accord due recognition to any ongoing mediatory efforts towards bringing our girls home and terminating the insecurity in parts of the country.

Citizens are assured that the military and security agencies remain committed and optimistic for positive outcome of ongoing operations.

Major General
Director Defence Information

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