Buhari Supporters Are Like Petrol That Can Ignite Fire, GEJ Is Not Acceptable – Sheikh Gumi

Sheik Ahmad Gunmi has again explained further on why President Jonathan, Gen. Buhari should not contest 2015 Presidential election.
Fiery Islamic Scholar and scion of late Sheik Abubakar Gunmi, Sheik Ahmad Gunmi has said why he wrote two separate letters asking both President Goodluck Jonathan and the former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari, rtd, not to contest the 2015 presidential election.

In his popular letter written to the two major contestants, excerpts which we’ve re-published, Gumi had described Buhari and Jonathan thus “Gen. you have antagonist, and they are many and also as ardent as your supporters. Your supporters have the biggest proportion of the underprivileged of the society which is the petrol that can be easily ignited by the slightest spark. The spark will be when you’re declared the loser. And you know you can very well lose if the Christians follow their church -and why not in this era of mediocrity.
On the other hand if Jonathan comes back. BH will be real not the political one we see. The turmoil will engulf the whole country not only the north. That is why I also call on PDP to present some other candidates.”

Gunmi who spoke with Saturday Vanguard in an exclusive interview in Kaduna Wednesday, said that both ‘’Buhari and Jonathan are polarising figures”, pointing out that Buhari’s participation in the election would exacerbate violence in the country while Jonathan was not an acceptable candidate to a “great chunk of Nigerians”.

‘’Tnorth is frantic; they don’t want President Jonathan to come back because of their safety, lives and security. And this has made them to be too attached to Gen. Buhari because they think he is the only credible person and he has large followers who feel that they can help defeat Jonathan. I know like Jonathan, Buhari is also polarizing figure.

‘’Buhari is not only a polarizing figure in Nigeria, he is even so in the North. There are people who don’t want him at all for different reasons. My Islamic credentials make me see things in broader perspective. And that’s why I am seriously telling him to consider that leadership is not only about honesty and accountability. It also has to do with conformity, flexibility, being nice to people and not just disciplinary strictness. No! All these people that are attached to him would be very surprised if he gets into power. He will not do what they want.’’

Gunmi further said that Buhari’s followers were not only ‘’irrational, fanatical and sentimental,’’ but were already hoping that ‘’their man will be president,’’ adding that if ‘’suddenly he is announced the loser… there would be ‘flames of war; they start nobody can control them.’’

According to him, ‘’It is about a Nigerian citizen (himself) telling Gen. Buhari, please step down for peace, unity and stability of Nigeria because your followers are fanatical, irrational, sentimental and they are many, not few.

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