Sam Nwanti, International Detective Joins Presidential Race, Vows To Stamp Out Corruption

A US based International Detective, Mr. Sam Nwanti, has joined the presidential race, vowing to stamp out corruption, if given the mandate.

Nwanti also contested the 2011 presidential elections on the platform of the National Reformation party.

This time, Nwanti plans to fly under the umbrella of the  Mega Progressives Peoples Party (MPPP).He said he wants to save Nigerians from the stifling grip of the major political parties and boasted that he will beat President Goodluck Jonathan of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and any candidate fielded by the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Imo State-born technocrat, who had lived and worked in the United States of America for over 26 years, said his exposure and experience had placed him in a better stead among the horde of aspirants on the prowl to steer the ship of state to the path of growth and development, if elected.

“I was a detective, trained in US; I have investigated what the problems of this country are. I believe that I am the only person that can solve the problem. I am not corrupt; I have the capacity to reduce corruption as soon as I get to office.”

“I am not saying that I should be elected only because I am a trained detective; no, that is not my position. I want to go there because I can help rid Nigeria of corruption and insecurity. Corruption is our main problem and I assure that I will bring my experience and ideas to bear in solving it. If corruption is addressed Nigeria will realise the dream of the founding fathers.” He said

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