We’ll Return Missionary Schools Once The Assembly Repeals The Applicable Law – Kwara Governor

Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed, has said that the Kwara state government would return the missionary schools to the owners as once the state Assembly repeals the law on the matter.

Some churches and Christian denominations had raised alarm over the week asking for the return of the schools to their owners.
Ahmed said it will amount to contravening the law if the government returns the schools without the Assembly passing the law.

Speaking further, the Governor said that the government have urged the Assembly to repeal the kwara state education law of 2006. If repealed, the government would have the power to return the schools to their owners.

“There are two types of schools; the first one is government owned and the second one is privately owned but government-grant aided. The government owned are straight-jacketed; the grant aided ones had entered into agreement with the government under Kwara State Education Law on how grant-aided schools are supposed to be run. Once you build a school either a faith- based, community-based, individuals or groups and you desire to seek for grant aiding by government, then it would be run under Kwara State Education Law on grant aiding of schools. And those schools give the proprietors limited power and give government limited power.This is how schools have been run so far.” Ahmed said.

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