Jaiz Bank Plc Denies False SMS Indicating Multiple Accounts With Different Banks

The management of Jaiz Bank in a statement has said their attention has been drawn to a recent SMS indicating that you can open a Jaiz Bank account with another Bank.

The statement issued reads, “We want to use this medium to appeal, to disregard such message as it is unthinkable to believe that you can open another bank’s account in another, other than the Bank itself. It is absolutely ridiculous, misleading and devoid of any sensible reasoning.”

It says, Jaiz Bank Plc. obtained a Regional operating license to operate as an Islamic Bank from the Central Bank of Nigeria on the 11th of November 2011 and began full operations as the first Non-Interest Bank in Nigeria on the 6th of January, 2012 with 3 branches located in Abuja FCT, Kaduna and Kano.

As at today, the Bank has 14 branches spread across its area of operation. We are currently in the process of finalizing our application for a National License with the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). This will enable us operate in all the states of the Federation.

The Bank’s fundamentals are strong. It started in 2012 with capital base of N5billion which had since increased to N11.7billion well above the amount required for a specialized Bank National license.

Currently, the Jaiz Bank Plc is the only full-fledged Non- Interest Bank in Nigeria.

“Our vision is to be the dominant non-interest financial service provider in sub-Saharan Africa. We intend to achieve this by providing innovative, value-added, non-interest financial services to our clientele by employing the best people, supported by technology. That is our goal and we strongly believe that with your support and God, we will definitely achieve this objective. The potentials for Non-Interest Islamic Finance are enormous.” Statement concluded.


  1. Chinyere

    I knew it! This was a pure handiwork of mischievous miscreants. Jaiz Bank is a very reliable bank. First of its kind in the country. If this is a way to taint the bank’s image, I must say it’s an epic fail.

  2. Kainene

    I didn’t even take the SMS seriously. From my business dealings with Jaiz Bank, I knew nothing of that sort could happen. People if you want to know more about a bank, walk into a branch of the bank or better still check their website. Whatever you don’t understand ask questions from verified sources. Jaiz Bank is my bank and was built on integrity.

  3. Enyinnaya

    This is very great. I wonder how possible it could be to operate on this manner. Thank you for this wonderful informttion

  4. Enyinnaya

    But how true is this no interest of a thing? I learnt they give out loans without interest ?

  5. Kainene

    I didn’t even take the SMS thing seriously though, but I know a couple of unsuspecting people might do. I have been in business with Jaiz Bank, they wouldn’t do anything of that sort. If you need to make any inquiries about a Banks products and services, it’s quite simple, visit the nearest bank close to you or better still check their web page. We are in an age and time where people would try to cripple something good. Thank you Jaiz Bank for clearing the air.

  6. Thank God for the Internet. I would have just believed in the first place. Who are those wicked people just trying to bring down this innocent bank. *enemies of progress*.

  7. Its so sad that Nigerians go to school, graduate, serve & then resolve within themselves that 419 & scams is the way to go. imagine one idiot sending me Lacasera Promo winner SMS on my MTN line. the idiot didnt even put 2 nd 2 together before sending such.
    As for this Jaiz bank thing, i opened my account recently, and when i got the SMS, i almost fell for it until the bank sent a counter message via mail. i really appreciate them for shedding light on the matter, and making it open to the general public. thumbs up to them

  8. Uchenna Nwabueze

    well personally its been so far so good with Jaiz bank. yes its an up nd coming bank, but very fast growing, and most importantly they are quite reliable. and oh yes as per the non interest loans, yes i believe they do give such.

    id advice any one who got the message to disregard it completely because its not from the bank. i double check because of my mum.

  9. Bobmanuel

    People the SMS thing is totally bogus. I’m in the process of getting a new account with a view to receiveing a loan. Staff at the bank confirmed that the SMS was not from them. So I would ask others to not take the SMS seriously, as it is false.

  10. But wait , this thing Is common sense na how can you even open another bank’s account in another, other than the Bank itself. It is absolutely ridiculous, misleading and devoid of any sensible reasoning. D people dat sent d SMS are just tryna tarnish jaiz bank’s image…but they’ve failed

  11. Tofarati

    Oh well , I got dat SMS but I just knew twas d work of some mischievous people…cos ion know how its possible open another bank’s account in another, other than the Bank itself. It’s not possible , I use jaiz bank and its a very gud bank…dey obviously can’t send such SMS

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