Kashamu Drops Governorship Ambition, To Run For Senate

Prince Kashamu Buruji, the chairman of the People’s Democratic Party in the south west has joined the Ogun senatorial race for 2015. PMNews reports
Kashamu had nursed a governorship dream but seems to have dropped it in favour of a seat at the Senate.
An aide to the controversial politician told P.M News
“ Yes, my brother and boss is contesting for the senatorial seat from the Ogun East senatorial district on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. You know that he has paid his price and have done so much to make the party relevant , not only in the state , but in
the Southwest. So , if he now steps out to offer himself for service, I dont think there is
anyone that can stop him, not even the blackmailers or propagandists ,” the aide
revealed .
However, an Ogun PDP exco member though confirmed it, hopes that Kashamu’s ambitious decision will not happen for the sake of the state.
“ I also saw the posters at ijebu Ode on Ojude Oba day and some people also
confirmed to me that they saw the posters around other towns in Ijebu and Remo . If
you recollect , his posters for the governorship seat was firstly in town but as we are concerned as a party, posters does not mean anything, it is those that pick the intent form and return it that we reckoned with as serious with their aspiration .
The exco member said that it difficult to comprehend how someone with so much baggage could confidently declare to run for an elective post.
“ I want to now speak to you not as a member of the party exco but as an indigene of Ogun State. It would be a great disaster for this state and the country at large if someone like Buruji Kashamu could be putting posters to contest for governor or senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Someone with a lot of cases hanging over his neck , someone with a questionable character , someone that countries have put on the wanted list , they even threatened Nigeria to extradite him and such notorious man would now be aspiring to represent Ogun at the senate ?”
“ It would never work and we will all resist it . He should go and clean his hands off all
the cases against him. We will not allow what happened in one of the southwest states where someone in the prison was elected as a governor. We will not allow
that to happen here in Ogun. He should rather remain at the backdoor as he has been doing rather than look for what will never be possible , ” the exco member
asserted .
Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo has also queried the fact that Kashamu has remained in PDP despite the various allegations against him. In a statement released on Sunday, Obasanjo said that Kashamu is one of the reasons he will remain inactive in PDP.

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