Edo Speaker Arrested Over Attack On Lawmaker

The Police on Thursday arrested the speaker of the Edo state house of Assembly, Honourable Uyi Ugbe over the attack on a member of the house, Abdurazak Momoh.
Also arrested was the house majority leader, Hon Phillip Shuabu.
Momoh was reported at the house on Tuesday after his seat had been declared vacant. On his entry into the house complex, some thugs came upon him and beat him up. 
Chief Dan Orbih, state chairman of the PDP complained on Wednesday that the speaker orchestrated the beating of Momoh who is a PDP lawmaker.
Shuabu however said that they reported at the police station on their own accord querying their detainment for several hours.
“We came on our own volition
but they have kept us here for over three
hours for a matter we knew nothing about.
You could see the intimidation.
“When the PDP lawmakers, including Momoh, forcefully broke into the assembly complex, the police did not invite them let alone arrest
“All the court orders that were issued against them were not obeyed. The police did not do anything to enforce the orders. But you can see we have been detained here since for an issue we know nothing about.”
He also said their ‘arrest’ was channeled towards frustrating loyalists of Governor Adams Oshiomole.
This allegation was reechoed by the state chapter of the APC.
Speaking on behalf of the party, the publicity secretary Godwin Erhahon said
“We are aware of the plots by the PDP to arrest, maim, and eliminate those perceived to be loyalists of Governor Oshiomhole.
“The lawmaker who was beaten went there with thugs and it has nothing to do with our lawmakers. Why are they being arrested by the police?
“But we want to warn that any attempt to intimidate our people in Edo State will be
resisted. The PDP cannot use federal might to hunt our people. We are still battling Boko Haram, let us not face another war in Edo State because it might be too much for Jonathan to handle.”
APC has the majority in the Edo state house of Assembly.

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