American NBC News Cameraman Contracts Ebola In Liberia, To Be Flown To US

NBC News President Deborah Turness has said that American cameraman helping to cover the Ebola outbreak for NBC News in Liberia has tested positive for the deadly virus. He will be flown back to the United States for treatment. The rest of the NBC News crew will also be returned to US and placed in quarantine for 21 days.
He is the fifth American to contract the virus. Earlier this week, US recorded the first case of Ebola in their soil when a man who lives in Liberia but was visiting family members in Dallas tested positive.
The NBC News cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo, 33, who has contracted the virus in Liberia has been working in the West African nation for three years for Vice News and other media outlets, and has been covering the Ebola outbreak.
“The good news is this young man, our colleague, was admitted to the clinic very, very early. I spoke with him today. He’s in good spirits. He’s ready to get home – of course, appropriately concerned. But he will be airlifted out soon,” Snyderman said.
She however noted that neither she nor the other three NBC employees has shown any symptoms or warning signs of Ebola infection.
She said: “We observe the custom now, which is to not shake hands, to not embrace people, to wash our hands with diluted bleach water
before we enter the hotel. We dip our feet in bleach solution.”
She said she and the rest of her crew present little chance of giving it to anyone, unless they get sick.
“We will be taking our temperatures twice a day, checking in with each other, and if any one of us suddenly spikes a fever or gets symptoms, we will report ourselves to the authorities,” she said. “We are taking it

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