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Released Chibok Girl Is Mentally Sick And May Be Pregnant



one of the abducted chibok girls that was released on wednesday is pregnant and mentally ill.  This information was made available by the national chairman of Chibok association, Dr Pogu Bitrus who spoke with The Cable,

Dr Bitrus said it was still uncertain if the girl was from Chibok because her name did not correspond with any of the names in the records of the girls that were captured by Boko Haram on April 14.

“I was speaking Kibaku to her, but she did not respond; she was incoherent, She may be having mental issues as a result of trauma.”

Bitrus said  that preliminary tests  (still not definitive ) revealed  that the girl is pregnant. “When she was picked up, she was taken to a clinic, not a standard hospital, and tests were carried out on her.

“From the tests, it was said she is pregnant, but that is still in the speculative domain because a qualified medical doctor has not confirmed that she is pregnant.

“However, we are still trying to establish if really she is from Chibok because from our sources, the last name of the released girl does not tally with the surname of the person bearing the first name of the released girl captured in our recoords and whose father is a carpenter at Chibok. So we are still trying to work out every detail.” 

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