How APC Plans To Foil My Inauguration – Fayose

The Governor-Elect of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose has made some strong accusations concerning the All Progressives Congress (APC). Fayose who was speaking at a media briefing in his Magodo Residence in Lagos said the APC is doing all it can to frustrate his swearing in ceremony which is slated for October 16.

Fayose who won the Ekiti election on the platform of the PDP stated that the opposition party, APC plans to obtain a court injunction which will stop his inauguration under the pretext that he was not qualified for the governorship election. He claims that the APC has an alternative plan to install the speaker of the state’s House of Assembly as the acting governor.

The governor-elect wondered why the judge, Justice Ogunyemi had delivered judgement on preliminary objections in the morning. You will recall that suspected thugs recently besieged the court  in the state capital, Ado Ekiti on a day when the judge was meant to have delivered judgement after hearing the substantive suit.

Fayose is of the opinion that members of the judiciary are being compromised in the state for the selfish benefits of some.

“Will it not interest you to know that in less than 24 hours, the judge has turned in the case file. This same judge had adjourned this matter for more than three months. I have been elected for well over three months now. The matter came almost two weeks before my election. But suddenly the judge just woke up from a slumber, to want to rush a case to represent certain interest.”
“It’s unfortunate. But don’t forget that the average man on the streets knows what they want and they are equally more enlightened than before, when somebody would just come, pay a judge somewhere for a backdoor judgment, to stall a process, to steal people’s mandate.”

The Governor-elect also wondered loudly why the judge was suddenly in a hurry to deliver judgment. He also accused the Chief Judge of Ekiti State of having personal interests in the issue while stating that the PDP had no problems with being rivalled by opposition parties but called for due process.

“But we want trials done through due process. What is the hurry for this judge? What is his interest?”

We have been told that he [the Chief Judge] wants to assign the matter to himself. He is a clear member of the E-11; the petitioners. We want a judge who is ready to carry out his assignment as a judge; who is ready to respect the Constitution of Nigeria, to try matters by being fair to all concerned and be accountable to Nigerians”

Fayose urged the judiciary and the executive to look into what’s going on in Ekiti currently

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