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‘We Will Offer Our Political Shoulder To The Next Generation’ – Atiku Declares For Presidency



Former Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar has declared his intention to seek the nomination of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to contest the 2015 Presidential Election.

Atiku made his intentions public while speaking during the ‘A Nigeria for All’ event held at Shehu Musa Yar’adua Centre, Abuja earlier this morning.

He stated that the task for this generation was also to move towards ensuring that the next generation finds a suitable platforn to develop the country.

Some people have argued for a generational shift to younger leaders without much experience. However, I believe that it is the responsibility of my generation to offer our political shoulders to the new generation to climb upon, improve their vision and expand their horizon. It is this trans-generational collaboration and partnership that represents the best model to create the future that we desire and deserve. This is a well-tested model; the future of this nation should never again be subjected to leadership experimentation or learning on the job.

Atiku who last contested as a representative of the North-east region stated that the decision to re-contest was hinged with his ambition to contribute to a more vibrant Nigerian economy.

“We are all here because we believe that our country can be made better. We want to see Nigeria develop, prosper and become the pride of Africa and the Black race. We are here because we know that change must come and that change will come.” He stated.

He commended the youths in the country for the constant commitment in spite of the changes that country was facing and stated that he planned to assemble the best brains in the land and provide the political will and commitment.

“In spite of the many challenges we face, it is quite remarkable that our people have refused to give up on Nigeria. It is inspiring that amidst difficulties and growing anxiety over the future of our country, our people have refused to succumb to despair and hopelessness. This never-say-die attitude gives me immense hope and it is one of the reasons why I can never give up on Nigeria.”

Atiku calls the on-coming elections in 2015 “…a golden opportunity and a bittersweet chance to display our courage, rekindle our innovative instinct, showcase our character and turn the Nigerian dream into reality…”

He also stated that these personal objectives we parallel to the objectives of the All Progressive Congress in its ambition to come into power in the coming elections.

“That is why the 2015 election is about you. It is about how to ensure that you live safe and secured lives. It is about making sure that you feed well, receive quality and affordable education and training, secure good jobs, support your own families and contribute positively to the development of our country. This is what a responsive and responsible government owes its citizens. This is what our generation owes upcoming generations. This is what we must do to guarantee our country’s future. This is what democracy promises. This is what our party, the All Progressive Congress (APC), seeks to actualize.”

He also added that he was proud the party had adopted the innovative Modified Open Primaries in selecting its flag bearers at all levels. This he said would ensure the emergence of candidates whose mandate will be informed by the popular will of the party’s members.

He added that to fix Nigeria, an APC government will promote a new socio-political order which will compel the leadership to always balance power and authority with service and accountability.

I have been asked why I am always seeking to become the president of this country. My passion for governance is that of a man who wants to do more because there is so much more to be done in fixing Nigeria. This passion continues to grow as long as this government is not really doing the fixing. I have what it takes to bring people together and turn things around for the better. Therefore, I want to play a leading role in the trans-generational efforts to save this country and improve the lives of our people.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. sirOscie..........

    2014/09/25 at 11:26 am

    Very well ARTICULATED declaration Turakin Nigeria. Even if Atiku don’t become Nigeria’s President which I personally don’t see happening If only Nigerians can tell ourselves the truth and vote out our problem which is the current administration but for starting a campaign of issues and not personalities, he has my total respect.
    Kudos Atiku.

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