Amaechi Is Not God, So He Cannot Stop Me – Nyesom Wike

Minister of State for Education, Mr Nyesom Wike has said that Rivers state Governor, Rotimi Amaechi cannot stop him from contesting the elections in 2015. Wike made this declaration during an interview with THISDAY.

When he was asked if he was not threatened by Amaechi’s vow to see to it that Wike does not succeed him as Governor, He said “First of all, you can’t have the power of God. If a man says he will stop you, he is taking the power of God to stop you. It means the person has all the power, so God has no power. Two, is he in PDP?  If he is in PDP, then he has a role to play but he is not in PDP. First of all he is not God, secondly he is not in PDP.
Is he saying that nobody will vote in the election? Is he saying its only his vote and his family votes that matter? So these things are not problems to us in PDP. If I declare to run, and I win the ticket of PDP, then let us see who wins the election. Not just saying I will stop you. By the special grace of God PDP is in charge of Rivers State today”

Wike also said that despite some expectation that the PDP will go into oblivion when Amaechi decamped to the APC, the party has rather grown stronger.
“Some people thought that when the governor leaves, that is the end of PDP. But instead of PDP to die in Rivers State, PDP is growing every day. It will be difficult for you to beat PDP in Rivers State no matter the propaganda you embark on it will not work. So the issue of the governor saying he will stop me is neither here nor there, because he is not God and two he is not PDP. Only he cannot vote in that election, he cannot determine where people will vote”

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