Oyewole Michael: 2015, Re-Elect Goodluck Jonathan Or We Break Up!

What will quickly crop into the minds of most readers, maybe because of the heading of this article, might be, this is another campaign for GEJ. For the purpose of records, this is not and NEVER consciously intended to be. It is more so, not a statement of threat or a word from trepidation.

“If the 2011 rigging repeats itself in 2015, there will be violence in the Nation, ala, “the dog and baboon will be soaked in the same blood”. This is the direct translation of “kare Jini Biri Jini”, a statement credited to Gen. Buhari and was backed by Northern Governors on May 18, 2012.” The above statement can be easily associated with the same fellow who before the 2011 generally elections assured Nigerians that the country would be ungovernable if he’s not elected the president of the Nation. Truth be told; weather he meant it or not, violence erupted in some parts of the north after the announcement of the election results, which was clearly not in his favour. Lots of lives taken and properties were lost and destroyed!

I’m strongly of the opinion that the remnants of the then election violence gave birth, or rather triggered and aided the formulation of Boko Haram, which was led by Mohammed Yusuf. Violence started in the North on April 2011. Today, it is on record that this insurgents has wasted thousands of lives, displaced many, destroyed lots of valuables and most definitely made the Government led by GEJ indeed ungovernable. Because of the hunger of a few politicians from the North to cling to power, Boko Haram at inception of insurgency was delicately encouraged, for none the leaders spoke openly to condemn the series of attacks on christian religious houses, social and police formations. One would naturally conclude that BH is politically motivated. The resultant effects of this menace is visibly clear. And, we are still suffering from this madness. This sect has now gone to the level where it can’t be curbed, they now align with international islamic terror groups like Ansaru, Al-Shabaab, Al-Qaeda, ISIS etc. Boko Haram sect was recently named the 7th most richest terrorist group in the world.

Having established a little of the genesis of Boko Haram. Whose pivot can easily be traced to the power clamour! Clearly, now, no one can decipher their interest and what they truly kill for.

In Late June, 2009. Late President Umaru Yar’Adua in other to stop militancy in the Niger Delta announced an amnesty plan that includes, cash payments, scholarships, skill acquisition training, immunity from prosecution to any militant who willingly submits his arms and cease fire within a 60 day period. A region that claimed to have been marginalised, cheated upon and left under-developed despite being the power (Financial) bank of the Nation. During this period, oil production reduced by 25-35 percent as a result of the incessant activities of these militants, which were; kidnapping of oil workers/expatriate, sabotage, oil siphoning rackets, establishment of illegal refineries and destruction via bombing of oil pipeline installations. But for the amnesty given, the Nation would have bled financially and all her components parts will drastically suffer in almost all ramifications.

Candidly, come 2015, it’s either GEJ is returned to Aso rock elected or the country would inevitably suffer. How? You may ask. Hear this (Quoted directly from Asari Dokubo’s words); “My support for Jonathan will be biased, because Charity begins at home. Monkey no fine, but im mama like am. Goodluck Jonathan would be president in 2015”. “Weather they contest or they don’t. If they say the blood of the dogs and the baboons will be soaked in the streets, or salt water in the streets, we will help them in blood in the streets”. On the 9th of September 2013, a group under the aegis of Niger Delta Progressive Alliance (NDPA) in a statement signed by the group’s President General, Mr. Anognemi Fedude and General Secretary, Akpata Okorodudu, said: “But in the event of any attempt by any individual or group to deprive him (Jonathan) of his rights, we have resolved to match force with force, even if it lead to Nigeria’s disintegration”. As a good student of history, one would not naturally concluded that this threats are empty, null and void.

It is no longer new to the entire Nation the resultant effects of the activities of the Niger Delta militants few years ago. I’m quite sure that the Nation has suffered in the hands of Boko Haram insurgency, but I’m of the believe that we shall suffer more if GEJ is not re-elected. Weather it would be called retaliatory or not, I know for sure if GEJ losses at the polls come 2015, the Niger Delta militants will also go back to the creeks to make the Nation ungorvenable too. Which will be a more deadly blow on us, because it will encapsulate loss of lives and revenue. Or do you think Nigeria will be peaceful if GEJ loses in 2015? A pay back to will North will be imminent. Reading the various threats and counter threats flying around, it seems it is a battle for power between the North and the South-South come 2015. We do know that Nigeria as a Nation solely depends on oil, which is gotten from this region.

I am not a prophet of doom but I’ve often posited that we must always face reality when it comes to issues like this. Also, We must learn to get out political calculations right and then pitch our tent with reasoning that has little or no danger ahead.

For me, the Nigeria Sate is bigger than us all. Hence, irrespective of our cultural affiliations, political beliefs, religious umbrella and opinions, we must all come together to ensure the interest of the future is paramount.

Be good.


Oyewole Michael Rolex

Writes from Ado-Ekiti




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  1. Shola Oludemilade

    I think I quite agree with the author of this piece. Observations made there should be carefully and seriously worked upon.

  2. Shola Oludemilade

    I verry much agree with this author, he’s reallly exposed, not out of suppport but out of reasoning why it should be GEJ. We musnt at this point be setimental.

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