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Nigerian Troops Repel Attack On Konduga, Over 100 Boko Haram Terrorists Killed

Riding on its recent reversals of Boko Haram fortunes, the Nigerian military at dawn today dealt a further blow on the insurgents during a futile attempt to take over Konduga town, some 40 miles from Maiduguri.

Combining air power with infantry activities, troops ambushed the insurgents while marching from Bama to Konduga, Air Force jets and attack helicopters rained fire and brimstones on the invaders while ground troops picked those of them attempting to flee the scene.

Authoritative military sources disclosed that at least 100 of the terrorists were dispatched to the great beyond while a few of the about 200 strong militants escaped in the only truck that manoeuvred from the scene.

“Most of the dead insurgents were mangled beyond recognition during the few hours of fury displayed by our men”, a senior military officer confided in our correspondent.

It was learnt that several weapons including anti aircraft guns mounted on trucks and RPGs were gathered by the military following the annihilation of the insurgents.

Others materials taken by the military included an armored personnel carrier (APC), several Hilux vehicles and motorcycles, our sources added.

On Thursday, Defence Headquarters reassured Nigerians of the safety of Maiduguri from any impending attacks by the insurgents.

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