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Opinion: 2015, Attahiru Jega’s Plot To Clean Up The Voters Register In Favor Of Northerners



Billions of Naira of public fund have gone down the drain funding the Professor Attahiru Jega-led Independent National Electoral Commission[INEC] since his team of management staff were picked by the President Good luck Jonathan-led government and their subsequent confirmation by the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria dominated by the ruling People’s Democratic Party[PDP]. Majority of Nigerians can at best say that this very expensive electoral panel perhaps the most expensive electoral umpire in the World has done very little to win public confidence. Two descriptions are used by most people to contextualize the current INEC-Inept and inefficient.

It would be recalled that in the year 2011 during the General elections, the Attahiru Jega-led INEC unilaterally cancelled an ongoing National Assembly election costing the Nigerian people approximately N10 billion because of poor supervision which resulted in the lack of delivery of the needed electoral materials [reportedly from South Africa] by the firms contracted allegedly by INEC for that sensitive job. Till date Nigerians have yet to know if these huge sum of public fund wasted in this futile exercise has been recovered from these failed contractors. Again no information is available regarding whether INEC has successfully prosecuted these contractors for the abysmal failure and the naked show of shame.

From that 2011 election till date, this electoral panel has conducted several elections that have over time been overturned by several election petition tribunals underpinning the malpractices and ineptitude that attended such electoral process undertaken by the Independent National Electoral Commission. But many Nigerians expected the Jega-led electoral commission to put its house in order ahead of the 2015 general election which from all intents and purposes were distant years from the date of the last major elections in the year 2011. Sadly, with few months and weeks to the all important general elections in 2015, the Independent National Electoral Commission is still not sufficiently ready even as the most important component of these national elections such as the voters registration is marred by operational nightmares and insider abuses.

Few days back, the electoral panel summoned Nigerians to proceed to collect the so-called permanent voter’s cards preparatory to the coming February 14th 2015 polls but again the professional incompetence and sheer mischief of this electoral panel were in high supply because majority of Nigerians discovered to their chagrin that the so-called data capturing machines allegedly deployed in 2011 to register voters did not work as expected because the names of most of the validly registered voters were either wiped out or compromised for no just reason even as the graduates drawn from the National Youth Service Corp[ NYSC] scheme to conduct the issuance of the so-called permanent voters’ cards were not armed with any computer systems but were left to attend manually to Nigerians who came out in greater number seeking to obtain their cards which Attahiru Jega decreed will be the only permissible cards for those Nigerians willing to cast their votes for their choice candidates in the 2015 elections which have rightly or wrongly been classified as the most important election for the Sovereign Nigerian State.

Recall that the Northern regional political entrepreneurs who parade about as politicians have signified their determination to ensure that the Presidential office shifts to their zone even as the Southern zone which now holds the Presidency courtesy of a landslide victory of Good luck Jonathan in 2011 has indicated that it would only be constitutionally justifiable for the incumbent President to be allowed to go for a second bite of the cheery in 2015.

It is therefore safe to say that the role of the Independent National Electoral Commission prior to this all important election cannot be overstated.

It is therefore the considered opinion of most observers that the apparent systemic failure of this INEC headed by Professor Jega to get it right in the issuance of the so-called permanent voters cards may spell doom for the coming elections. As I put pen to paper yours truly hasn’t gotten my so-called permanent voter’s card of Attahiru Jega-led INEC which has been decreed as the valid card for next year’s election.

This is even as I have evidence of my valid registration in the last registration having been armed with the temporary voter’s card which the INEC officials issued me. Findings from the central computer room in INEC shows that my name as well as hundreds of thousands of other voters have disappeared or made to disappear by INEC in what is now been suspected to be a grand conspiracy to deny us of our fundamental right to vote and be voted for.

The Attahiru Jega-led INEC recently distributed additional 30, 000 wards and the method of distribution is skewed in favour of the North which is the zone that produced Professor Attahiru Jega and already accusations of a grand scale plot by the Northern political establishment to hijack next year’s election has surfaced not just from the South East but also from many quarters in the South and middle belt region of Northern Nigeria.

Even the ruling PDP in the South East has rejected this Jega’s style of distribution of new electoral wards which is favourable only to the North.

Former Anambra State governor, Dr Chukwuemeka Eze­ife, was among those statesmen and women that have raised the alarm that the Independent National Electoral Com­mission (INEC) has been hijacked by the North to actualize its unhidden agenda to takeover pow­er in 2015.

In a report carried by the popular Sun newspaper of Nigeria, Chief Ezeife a known supporter of the current President and indeed any President in power premised the plot on the proposed review of poll­ing units’ distribution chart in favour of the North and the attendant arrogance and over­flowing confidence of leading politicians in the region ahead of next year’s presidential elec­tions.

The writer of the story recalled that this is the first time in his­tory that the nation’s electoral umpire is headed by a North­erner. Ezeife, who spoke to Sunday Sun via electronic means, reportedly deplored the distribution of polling units by INEC, describing it as “shock­ing and a blatant rigging de­sign with impunity”. He de­cried the imperial statements of Kano State Governor, Rabiu Kwankwaso, and his Jigawa State counterpart, Sule Lamido, saying they speak as people who have background information.

He said: “In that distribu­tion, North West has more than 7000 units, the Southeast is given about the same num­ber of polling units as Abuja, the Federal Capital – just a little more than 1000 units.

“The new distribution of polling units correlates nega­tively or inversely with the distribution of votes for Jona­than in the 2011 presidential election. The Southeast is considered as Mr. President’s strongest support base.”

Ezeife further revealed an impending plan by INEC to “clean up the voters” register, which is alleged to have result­ed in wiping off more than half of Southeast voters.

The above allegation of Chief Ezeife has led one to ask if this could be said to be what even I has suffered in the hands of INEC because this Jega-led INEC surreptitiously forced the disappearance of my name from the voters’ register.

Ezeife raised some posers: “In view of published distribution of polling units, doubt about the truth of this “clean up” is weakened. Is there a grand plan to rig the 2015 elections? Can it explain the indication of strong but very surprising confidence oozing out from the statements of some North­ern politicians, where ordinary political calculations and com­mon sense will suggest total absence of hope? Does it give a clue to the attempt on Buhari’s life?”

Ezeife expressed optimism that the design will fail. He urged President Goodluck Jonathan to push for the con­firmation of the report of the just concluded National Con­ference, which has provided a framework for a new Nigeria in which all the groups in Ni­geria can maximize their true interests.

But the good story is that Nigerians still have good enough time to drag Jega and his incompetent bunch of management staff to court should they continue to show negative sign of a sinister plot aimed at disenfranchising Nigerians because section 6 gives the courts of competent jurisdiction the power to intervene and save Nigeria from the impending anarchy that may be visited on Nigeria should INEC succeed in denying some Nigerians their constitutional right to vote in the coming elections guaranteed under chapter four of the 1999 constitution.

This is the same INEC that is yet to tackle the issue of child voters significantly noticeable in Northern Nigeria [Katsina state local council poll only Yesterday saw the participations of children below the voting age who actively participated] and now it has failed abysmally to show Nigerians a clear justification for the Billions of Naira that reportedly went into digitalizing the voters register because what is at play in this national fiasco and show of shame witnessed only few days back when majority of Nigerians couldn’t get their permanent cards is that this INEC has remained consistently unteachable and unrepentant.


Written by Emmanuel Onwubiko, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria.


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