Raymond Inkabi: Politics and Morality Aren’t Bed-Fellows

To term the PDP’s Sen. Ibrahim Mantu Screening Committee’s disqualification of the Acting Governor of Adamawa state, and former Speaker of the House of Assembly as morally right and justified is hilariously wrong and dangerously shallow. What has politics got to do with morals? We’ve not seen this “morals” for a very long time, and it’s implications have many times eluded us. Are parties supposed to salvage a candidate for the others? Chickens don’t play politics. Lions do. What should be rather at stake is setting a bad precedent of where over-ambitiousness of Speakers of State Assemblies would impeach sitting
governors to take over.

If a young, vibrant, patriotic and detribalized person like Alhaji Umaru Ahmadu Fintiri is to serve as the unbiased umpire in the October 11th governorship bye-election in the state. This stand is easy to accept. But him exempted from the process, and not to take part in it is both sad, sinister and difficult to swallow. Because last time I checked, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is the body saddled by law with the burden of conducting and ensuring free, fair and credible elections not the Governor or any individual for that matter. If this stance posited is correct, I see no reason for all those fracas and wild attempts at preventing an individual from contesting. Fintiri is just the victim, in this case, of circumstances. Why was he supported by all to impeach Nyako? Why was he championed throughout? Why was he widely appealing to all and sundry, both within and outside the state? Did he coerce all the 21 Local Government Chairmen and Councillors to pledge support to his Party following Nyako’s ouster? How then can we refer to his intent to contest in a primary that he has the wherewithal by law to participate in as “desperate”?

The Acting Governor, should be allowed to continue the good work he has started. The people of Adamawa are very much comfortable with his style of inclusive leadership which is evident by the positivity he has received from all. I strongly believe they will demonstrate this affinity at the October 11th, polls. A rare feat to be achieved, and a breath of fresh air after so long if he eventually wins. Watching the Live Telecast of Gotel News (Former Vice President Atiku’s media outfit) at 8:00pm, in which they went to town to sample opinions and popularity of candidates across the PDP and the APC, and thus that of the Peoples Democratic Party, caught my attention. I and friends who were with me immediately saw that just on that little scale, Fintiri won decisively.

A visit to Yola, will convince even the blind. Street lights which have previously being out-of-service are now fully functional. Major urban and rural roads that were abandoned by the Baba Mai Mangoro’s “Mango Politics” are being awarded to be constructed, rehabilitated and with many being delivered timely within this short period. Immense concern for Teachers, civil servants, victims of floods, displaced persons, due insurgency, students and farmers are all testament to the acting governor’s resolve to tackling waste, corruption, misappropriation, embezzlement and insensitivity. This method of inclusivity has helped greatly in bringing the government closer to the people. Fintiri is a man who knows what the people wants. He also has driven through major streets in Yola amidst cheering crowds and wide acceptance. Something most politicians hardly do.

In a bid to stamp out corruption, a high-powered panel constituted to probe and scrutinize the dealings of the past administration, has yielded more than the desired results so far. Headed by the incorruptible judge, Justice Bobbo Umar the committee has and continues to unearthed shocking revelations of Mr Nyako and his cronies on how they ran Yola dry from 2007 till July this year. As for now, as against all odds and critics, Mr. Fintiri has proven himself, and his respect for the governed. He has constantly said and demonstrated that his government will reach out to all and sundry. Which is evident in appointments made and the multicultural political clout he has formed upon acting as governor. Which is a pointer in the right direction for a plural state, like Adamawa.

If living a good life is anything to go by, where people can be allowed to chart their own course without fear of intimidation or stigmatization. Then we all need to applaud the good, when it comes, and know when it comes. For citizens of Adamawa, the good is here. And Fintiri represents that good. All they can do is give him all  needed support and votes to perpetuate more good and move the state forward come October, 11th.


The Writer, Raymond Inkabi, holds a Bachelor of Technology (Hons) in Geography. From the Federal University of Technology, Yola. E-mail: [email protected]


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