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Adamawa: “PDP Supported Acting Governor’s Illegality” Nyako Reacts To Fintiri’s Disqualification



Impeached Governor of Adamawa State, Admiral Murtala Nyako has described the decision the People’s Democratic Party supported illegality and said “ stopping the Acting Governor of Adamawa State from contesting the gubernatorial elections citing Constitutional provisions came a little too late.”

Nyako who spoke through a statement by his media aide,Ahmad Sajoh said “ It is surprising that it took the PDP this long to realize that the Acting Governor had all along acted in a selfish and self serving manner and in total violation of the Constitution and the Laws of the land.

In the process he has desecrated the sanctity of the hallowed Chamber of the State House of Assembly and even that of the Judiciary especially that of the Acting Chief Judge who acted in the most unprofessional manner in the process of serving the selfish interest of the then Speaker and his sponsors.”

Continuing the statement said “It is a known fact when he as the Speaker of the House master minded an illegal process of threatening members in the Chambers of the House of Assembly on their PDP membership even though he was a card carrying member of APC, the Party saw nothing wrong in it. When he master mind an illegitimate process of illegally removing Governor Nyako in one of the most bizarre and unconstitutional impeachment processes in Nigeria, the PDP applauded him. Even when he regrettably enlisted the Acting Chief Judge in a most unprofessional conducted, the PDP did not find it wrong. When he organized to forcefully declare the seat of the Deputy Governor vacant when in fact and in law the Deputy Governor did not resign as required by section 306 of the Constitution, the PDP supported the illegality even though at that time the Deputy Governor was the PDP in the State.

“Buoyed by this serial support of his litany of illegalities the Acting Governor went ahead to commence a regime anchored on illegitimate actions like setting up panels he lacks powers to to under the law, setting up a Government (that negates the spirit of the section 191 the PDP is now talking about) with about 50 Special Advisers who are to serve as his foot soldiers in his gubernatorial campaign. His conduct of Government business had been without any concern for law or accountability, spending recklessly without following due process. He had spent more money on over inflated contracts and unwholesome activities such as gubernatorial campaigns within a month than a whole year under Governor Nyako. Now the scales have fallen off the eyes of the Party chieftains they are talking of the law and legality.

Someone should inform the PDP as a political Party that unless it raises up to stand by constitutionality and the law regardless of self interest, it may be unwittingly destroying democracy in Nigeria. Self interest has no limit. This is the lesson We all must learn from the actions and conduct of the Acting Governor of Adamawa State. Those who support such actions should also realize that the outcome was always predicted to be as it played out.

Nyako said further “We wish to State categorically that right from the onset, the actions, activities and conduct of the Acting Governor have been self -serving with no shred of ethics, morality or the respect of the law and the Constitution. We wish to demand that all the public funds spent on the ill-fated selfish and self serving project of self succession should be investigated and be refunded to Government coffers.

“We equally wish to alert the PDP to be prepared to face stiff opposition from the Acting Governor who will align with other opponents of their candidates in the next election. It does not require a fortune teller to make that prediction. It is a forgone conclusion. A man who could serially betray a benevolent benefactor like Governor Nyako will definite do worst to those who deprive him of realizing his ambitions,” the statement said.

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