Samsung Displaces Blackberry As South African’s Preferred Smartphone

It’s official. South African’s smartphone of choice is now Samsung. This is according to Effective Measure’s (EM) latest survey of desktop internet users during May-June this year. EM is a provider of media planning and audience profiling solutions.

According to Ventures Africa, with a 39.4 percent market share of those surveyed, Sumsung has outdone Blackberry with 31.6 percent of the market share in Africa’s most advanced economy.

In the third place sits Nokia with 29.7 percent of market share while Apple holds on to the fourth position with 14.1 percent market share of those surveyed.

Mobile advertising is gaining traction with around half of smartphone owners polled having been exposed to mobile-based advertisements, according to EM Survey.

SMS-based advertising rules the mobile user experience. Cross platform advertising campaigns integrated through websites and applications are beginning to advance and gain traction.

“Mobile advertising is maturing as a central part of the media planning mix. The connected consumer is engaged across multiple platforms but the mobile handset has secured centrality and marketers need to bolster their integrated campaign strategies,” Alan Morrissey, Country MD of EM South Africa, said.

“It is clear that the hunger for messaging and social media apps and content on mobile devices is driving data traffic and consumption. Advertisers and brands have a ripe opportunity to take advantage of this fresh platform and develop strategies to capture this highly engaged mobile consumer,” Morrissey continued.

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