I Won’t Be Impeached – Rabiu Kwankwaso

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The governor of Kano state, Rabiu Musa Kwankaso has stated in clear terms that the plans by President Goodluck Jonathan and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will not work and he is not in anyway fazed about their plans. The governor also revealed that governors who had joined the APC from PDP were facing similar fate ever since they decamped.

He pointed that all plans to impeach him have been foiled by the people of Kano where he believes he is really popular. He pointed fingers at an undisclosed official from Kebbi who he said has was having meeting with some Kano lawmakers in his house in a bid to cause disunity but failed to succeed.

He also warned the PDP that forcefully taking over power in some states will not ensure success for them come 2015:

“Politics should not be seen as enmity, politics should not be seen as something that you have to destroy this or that. The very forces that they used in Ekiti, they used in Adamawa, which they are now using in Nasarawa, I am sure they want to try it again in Osun. These are the forces that they should have been using in the North-eastern states.

“On Ekiti election day, the whole state was taken over and dominated. I don’t think Ekiti is as big as Sambisa Forest, you go and dominate there, why are you dominating an innocent state? And what they don’t know is that the party taking seats by force from other states does not give them automatic success in 2015.”

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