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Boko Haram Sends Foreign Aids, Businesses Packing In Northern Cameroon



By Tribune’s Stephen Gbadamosi with agency report

As activities of the insurgent group, Boko Haram, have crippled the economy of North-Eastern Nigeria, the Northern part of neighbouring Republic of Cameroon has come under acute shortage of foreign aid, on account of the same insurgents’ operations.

Cameroon is one of the countries that share borders with Nigeria in its Northern axis and it has been severally reported that the Boko Haram terrorists alternate their movements and attacks between both countries.

Investigations conducted by Sunday Tribune indicated that a part of Northern Cameroon has no fewer than three million victims who are losing most of their foreign aids and economic development projects.

It was also gathered that foreign aids workers in Northern Cameroon are leaving the country in droves, in some instances, taking along those they are caring for.

A website anchored by security experts and devoted to global security and military issues, Strategy Page, also painted the scenario of what the Boko Haram challenge has cost Northern Cameroon.

“Just across the border, the six million people of Northern Cameroon are also suffering an economic and foreign aid disaster because of Boko Haram. The Islamic terrorists operate in areas where three million people are losing most of their foreign aid and economic development projects.

“Aid workers, both locals and foreigners, are fleeing the area along with a lot of the people they are serving,” it noted.

It added that many projects had been suspended or damaged in Northern Cameroon on account of the development, adding that handlers of such projects had concluded that they might not return until security improved across borders of both countries.

“The Islamic terrorists have disrupted foreign aid projects there and economic activity in general. Investors are leaving and large scale projects are being suspended until security can be improved.

“Many projects are not just suspended, but heavily damaged by looters and neglect. Until the governments on both sides of the borders can get sufficient security forces into the area, coordinate their operations and deal with the Islamic terrorists, the situation will continue to get worse,” the security platform noted.

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