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Rabiu Kwankwaso Says Jonathan Cannot Win Any Northern State In 2015



The Kano State Governor, Rabio Musa Kwankwaso, yesterday, launched series of verbal attacks on President Goodluck Jonathan, accusing him of failing to provide security for lives and property in Nigeria.

Kwankwaso, therefore, concluded that it would be difficult for Jonathan to win election in any of the 19 northern states if a free and fair election was conducted in 2015.

In five posts he dropped on his Twitter page, Kwankwaso chided Jonathan and his administration for making Nigerians flee the country and take refuge in nearby countries.

In the first post, the governor said: “I have not taken the time to go to the South to study what is happening, but I had time to study the North. In the 19 states, I don’t see any state where under free and fair election; people will go and vote for the status quo. The status quo is not good for anybody because they have failed to provide the basic services to justify why the people voted for this government.

He also accused the administration of allowing insurgents to thrive to a point that they are trying to create their own territory within Nigeria without any response from the government and said Jonathan’s government is about personal enjoyment.

“Being a president is not about personal enjoyment, it also does not mean protecting some and ignoring others. Once anyone is elected as a President or a Governor, you are no more the Chairman of your party, you are no more Edwin Clark, who is the leader of the Ijaw nation, but you are the President for both who voted for you and those who did not, those who like you, and those who do not like you.”

He maintained that thousands of Nigerians in Niger Republic, Cameroun and Chad are refugees “and nobody is even talking about them. They are just there at the mercy of their hosts. These are the issues on the ground that must be tackled.”

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