Now That You’ve Been Impeached, You Can Return To Us – PDP Tells Nyako

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The Peoples Democratic Party has said the impeached Governor of Adamawa State, Murtala Nyako, is at liberty to return from the All Progressives Congress to the ruling party.

Nyako, along with the governors of Rivers, Kano, Kwara and Niger states, had defected from the PDP, November last year, after several months as members of a faction of the party known as the New PDP.

The Publicity Secretary of the Lagos chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, Taofik Gani, speaking in a telephone interview with SUNDAY PUNCH, accused the opposition party of contaminating PDP chiefs and governors.

He said, “Gov. Nyako used to be a thorough person until he had reason to go against President Jonathan and eventually defected from PDP. However, let me commend him for having the moral guts to absolve the President from this impeachment process

“He has absolved Jonathan, and I think that is good enough. At the same time, there may be a subtle way of him trying to retrace his tracks back to PDP and I will advise that he comes and does that openly. He should come as quickly as possible and return to his party.

According to Gani, Adamawa is a predominantly PDP state and it was tactless of the embattled governor to have defected from the PDP.

The PDP spokesperson expressed disappointment that members of the PDP in top positions had defected.

He said, “It is unfortunate that our governors and other chieftains of the PDP do not realise that they are infected and corrupted by these tendencies in APC. Anytime a member of the PDP, who has been well behaved, joins these tendencies in APC, the member becomes another thing.

“He becomes recalcitrant and politically naïve, so much so that their attitudes and characters even go against patriotism.”

He further backed the impeachment process that led to Nyako’s removal, saying it was in line with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution as amended. He added that the constitution was clear about impeachable allegations.

According to him, if indeed Nyako is popular in Adamawa, the whole of Adamawa would have protested in his support.

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