Opinion: Do The Americans Feel Guilty At All?

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By Idang Alibi
How do the Americans feel when they watch on their CNN and read in their New York Times and other media of mass communication heart-rending stories of killings, torture, rape and massive destruction of infrastructure in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and other countries where they say they have gone to either fight terrorism or to install democracy? Do they ever feel remorseful or guilty that somehow they are responsible for the atrocities that are being committed daily in those places? Or do they in their usual arrogant ways feel that they have accomplished the real mission they had set out to achieve, namely to weaken those countries and prevent them from becoming economic or political threat to the American empire?
As a simple minded folk concerned for humanity, my heart bleeds whenever I read about the brutalities and other acts of inhumanity taking place in those countries that America has torn apart for her selfish motives. I have not added Syria to the list of countries America has destroyed or is still destroying because in Syria America has not intervened directly. It is doing so by proxy through its client states in the Arab world and in Europe. But Syria has gone or is going the way of all the others. Nations of the world not yet visited by American affliction need to pray hard therefore that America does not consider their country of sufficient strategic importance to it or else if she decides to intervene using whatever excuse, it will leave you in ruins. A once thriving country that is unlucky enough to invite America or to be self-invited by it will not be able to recognize itself any more after they have set their jackboots on your soil.
That is why some of us who have known a little of the history of American adventure in other countries were seriously alarmed about Nigeria’s ‘acceptance’ of their offer to help us fight the threat from terrorists tormenting us and to help us rescue the abducted Chibok girls. By the way, what is happening about that rescue mission? The impression was created by many Nigerians that the Americans will just come and in a matter of days wave a magic wand, send the abductors to sleep and bring back our girls on their massive wings. Why has that not quite happened? Why have the Americans turned around to blame our own generals? If our soldiers knew how to do it why was the need to ask the Americans and company to come and do it for us in the first place? They were the experts supposedly recruited to do what our army cannot do.
With the excuses I am hearing I have become the more suspicious that the stage is being set for the Americans to have a never ending mission that will leave never ending problems as have happened anywhere the Americans go to. Nigerians should pray hard that their country does not join the ranks of the aforementioned countries that have had fatal embrace with the USA.
Each time I comment about America, I cannot escape describing that country as the most murderous empire in human history. The story of the twentieth century is largely the story of how America destroyed other countries in order to become the hegemonic power it has become, terrorizing, pillaging and appropriating other peoples’ resources to make her land and people prosperous. I do not know whether there are some God fearing people in the USA who realize that they owe their prosperity in large part to the terrorist activities of their government. I wish to humbly arouse the conscience of some good people in the USA to realize the harm those who run their government are doing to billions of innocent and harmless people across the world.
I expect that a country that was founded by people who fled oppression and persecution in their original homes will have a national policy that will be intolerant of oppression and man’s inhumanity to man everywhere on earth. But that is not one of the core beliefs of America. They claim they believe in democracy. But any democratic step taken by any person that is not in accordance with American interest is seen as dictatorial and treated as such.
Take for example the people of Crimea formerly in Ukraine. They voted in a free and fair democratic election to join Russia and the world was propagandized to believe that Russia had annexed Crimea. The Americans had supported ultra-nationalists in Ukraine to remove a democratically elected President (Victor Yanukovic) and the powerful Western media called it a revolution. If some nationalists in say Saudi Arabia decide to remove the monarchy that is serving the interest of America now, such a group will be described as rebels and appropriately suppressed.
Some of us expect that the USA will be a force for stability, peace and progress in the world. But that is not so. That country is one of the major sources of conflict, violence, killings and instability in much part of the world today. It is not willing to allow some people to just be. Everybody must be recreated in American’s image. For years and for decades, the USA has sought to destabilize Cuba, Venezuela and other peoples and countries that have determined not to bow to its whims and caprices. Those who run America believe that their way of life is the norm and everyone must try to live according to that standard. If you seek to be different, they wonder whether there is something wrong with you. And yet they claim they are champions of democracy and human rights.
If the Americans really care about democracy and human rights, let them organize an opinion poll in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and ask the people there whether they are better off now than when America intervened in their country. I know for sure that Iraq and Libya under ‘dictators’ Saddam and Ghaddafi where far better countries to live in than under these current ‘democratic’ leaders. The other day I watched an Al Jazeera documentary that established how American intervention has destroyed the cultural life of Iraq.  This is a country with a civilization dating back to thousands of years. Yet the current ‘civilize’ empire that is less than three hundred years old had gone there and destroyed libraries, theatres and artifacts of inestimable value in the name of democracy and world peace.
American leaders need to know that God gives power to countries and peoples to be used responsibly for good. American power and influence are not being used for world good, especially for peace. America behaves like a gangster nation that has no iota of feeling for those it crushes in order to achieve its purpose. Nations as well as peoples are judged by God. America must rethink her role in the world and come to an understanding that a national interest that is defined strictly by economic and political objectives will make our world so turbulent and violence prone as we are seeing today because of America and other hegemonists.


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