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Wanted Boko Haram Kingpin Among 486 Suspects Arrested In Abia – DHQ

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The Nigerian Defence Headquarters Tuesday said a wanted terror kingpin has been arrested among those apprehended in Abia State on Sunday.
Suspected Boko Haram members were arrested some hours after security operatives detonated improvised explosive devices planted on the premises of a branch of the Living Faith World Bible Church (a.k.a. Winners Chapel) in Owerri, Imo State.
The suspects, were said to have been arrested along the Enugu-Port Harcourt Expressway by soldiers attached to the 144 Battalion of the Nigerian Army, Asa in the Ukwa West Local Government Area on Sunday.
General Chris Olukolade in a statement said a terror kingpin in the list of wanted terrorists of security forces in Nigeria have been detected in the ongoing screening of the 486 suspects napped while travelling in over 33 Hiace Hummer buses at night along Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway last Sunday.
“So far other security agencies including the para-military have joined the screening exercise to ascertain the status of the remaining suspects.  Those identified as possible security risk or illegal immigrants are expected to be identified for further action.” statement reads.
Meanwhile the Arewa Youth Consultative Forum on Tuesday condemned what it referred to as a random arrest of 486 northerners in Abia State as suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

The Northern group said it was wrong to treat innocent northerners as terrorists. President of AYCF, Alhaji Yerima Shettima, told The PUNCH that the group was worried that a continuation of such arrests could lead to the break-up of Nigeria.

Shettima said it was certain that virtually all the arrested northerners had no links with Boko Haram, warning the South-East governors and security agencies to stop such arrests, saying it was capable of fuelling enmity between northerners and southerners.

“This gives us a lot of worry. Are these South-East governors or whoever is at the helms of affairs doing this in the interest of this country or to cause more hatred for our people, so that country will break up? Those who are acting out this script of disintegration are not helping this country, especially at this challenging period.

“We are not in support of Boko Haram or their bomb attacks. We are saying that innocent citizens should not suffer because some evil-minded people come from their area. I can tell you that those who were arrested in Abia are not Boko Haram members. We had a case were about 500 people arrested in Lagos, when a Boko Haram member was arrested in Ijora Badia area of Lagos, with arms and ammunition, I intervened and on getting to the force headquarters, we discovered that the most of them were innocent and they were released.


  1. Olayiwola M. Akanji

    Investigage them well, Boko Haram is from Northern part of this country, Nigeria. And they can not check them. Why are they doing that terror act.

  2. Olayiwola M. Akanji

    Let them be investigated properly. Stop telling us that Nigeria will break. We are not MUMU.
    Northern should tell their people to stop boko haram . If they want Nigeria Unity.

  3. Dr kunle


  4. Udoobot

    Those muslims are not traders, they are all members of boko haram. A proper and thorough investigations, not by boko haram agents or sympathizers in the police and army, would reveal that they are boko haram recruits. The muslim in Port Hartcourt who claim them to be ‘traders’ should also be investigated too. Northern war-lords who are sponsoring boko haram have invested huge amount of stolen money to ensure that they take over Southern Nigeria especially where there is oil, so that they can have easy access to Nigerian oil. PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW THEM. Out of about the 500 ‘traders’ how many of them are Christians? Please send all of them back to where they came from. To be fore warned is to be forearmed. citizens of Eastern Nigeria should stand up and protect their land. Be vigilant!!!

  5. Larry E.

    Why is Yerima Shettima worried about the arrested suspects in Abia State. If I read the article well the news is that they are being screened, which means that innocent ones will be freed. Boko Haram is not written on anyone’s forehead.
    Shettima, your attempt to intimidate the South East Governors and their people is cheap and ineffectual. If anything, you should know that violence is not the monopoly of anyone or group.
    You even sound as if you want the break-up of Nigeria more than anyone else even though you gain much more than the rest of the country.
    Could you please allow the security outfits to do their job and stop this meddling, unless you know more than you are letting on.
    Long live Nigeria.

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