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“It’s A Political Smear Campaign” Rotimi Amaechi Denies Cracks In APC



Governor Rotimi Amaechi has denied reports of disunity within the All Progressives Congress (APC) after it’s recently concluded National Convention in Abuja.

The Rivers state governor took to social media blogging site, twitter to deny reports of betrayal between him and national leaders of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari.

The governor wrote, @ChibuikeAmaechi “Yes, it’s not true. That rubbish about me, Tinubu and Buhari and some stupid talk about betrayal! It’s 419 news by those who are afraid of APC,”.

“It’s a political smear campaign to divide and destroy the APC after our very successful convention. The success of the convention sent a very strong message to them that we (APC) are indeed stronger, in a better position and ready to provide that CHANGE Nigerians really want.”

“That cooked, fake report is another shameless, useless and futile attempt by them to stop the APC. #APC=Change=BetterNigeria,” he concluded.

Some newspapers, (not newswirengr) had reported that Governor Amaechi expressed  his disappointment with the process of selection of key National officers of APC When he alleged that he  had been betrayed by Tinubu, Buhari and the 16 APC governors shortly after the just concluded APC national convention . He said they reneged on their promises.

According to the reports, he (Amaechi) was approached to join APC, the initial arrangement ” was to pair me with Hon.Tambuwal”, but when other people entered the party, everything changed. ” i know how much you have put-in in APC, this Yoruba and Hausa people can’t be trusted” Oshimohole told Amaechi.

Gov. Amaechi according to the reports was quoted as saying the following “Let it be known, that I didn’t just join the APC, I was wooed by the legacy parties and four other PDP governors then. Naturally in every bargain, interests must be spelt out.
Of course they did promise me the Vice Presidential ticket in the forth coming election with a condition to sell the party and make President Jonathan unpopular. The initial arrangement was to pair me with Hon. Tambuwal (Speaker of House of Representatives) . But when other entrants like Atiku and others entered the party, everything changed. It was Gov. Nyako that opened up to me on the recent changes, and pleaded with me to take the position of the National chairman of party, that it will be zoned to the South-South.”

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