National Conference Demand Removal Of Immunity Clause

Delegates at the ongoing National Conference on Thursday moved against the president, vice-president, governors and their deputies as they unanimously demanded that their constitutional immunity which protects them from prosecution be removed.

The Committee led by Hajiya Bola Shagaya approved the removal of the immunity clause currently enjoyed by elected Nigerian Presidents and state governors in a resolution that was based on the report as Presnted by the committee on economy, trade and investment.

Section 308 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria states  that elected officers mentioned in Subsection(3) of that section are protected from arrest, prosecution, imprisonment, civil and criminal proceedings while their tenure lasts. And if there has been a case standing against any of them before being elected into office, such a case shall terminate or at least be put in abeyance during the continuation of their tenure in office. 

What will be made of the resolution made by delegates at the ongoing National Conference will be subjected to the President’s decision and possibly members of the national assembly if some of the resolutions will eventually be adopted by the Nigerian state..

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