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APC Condemns Police Violence On Governor Fayemi, Warns PDP And Police



The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress has condemned in the strongest possible terms the unleashing of provocative violence and mayhem on the Governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, Senator Babafemi Ojudu and members of the APC in Ekiti State by the police which resulted in the death of a member of the party. The party equally lambasted the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh for attempting to justify this clear case of brigandage by the police on the members of the APC, warning that the party will resist every attempt by desperate politicians who have wasted the country’s potentials to force themselves on Nigerians in 2015.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the APC, Joe Igbokwe, the party sees the attack as the height of provocation by a failed party that sees the police as it’s hatchet dogs in their desperate efforts to stay in power. It warns that Nigerians will not sit idly by and watch the police and the PDP continue intimidating innocent Nigerians so as to continue stealing the electoral mandates of Nigerians for the purpose of continuing the ruination that has crumbled the country in fifteen years of perilous PDP government of the country.

“Nigerians remember that sometime ago, a National Leader of the APC has rightly said that the PDP is in alliance with the police and INEC and that unholy alliance has accounted why these institutions see themselves as malleable instruments in the inordinate desire of a failed party like the PDP to continue clinging on to power. We see the action of the police as then eight of provocation not only to the institution of the governor but the entire constitution, democracy, rule of law and indeed by the entire Ekiti State and it’s peace loving people.

“The haste with which the hare brained PDP Publicity Secretary rushed to approve this brigandage and direct affront on the constitution of the land proves to ll that the police was employed by the PDP to unleash violence on an Executive Governor of a state. We are in no doubt that this ranks as the way the PDP wants to employ to retain power when it had completely ran down the country and made the country an object of ridicule before the international community.

“We see the unprovoked attack on Governor Fayemi, Senator Ojudu and members of the APC in Ekiti, coming days after the military was employed to attack some newspapers in broad daylight, as another act of gangsterism which had served the PDP well in manipulating the electoral system to its unfair benefits, even as such wholesome manipulation has left Nigeria wrecked, destroyed and prostrate.

“While we warn the PDP to prepare to march on blood in its effort retain power at all costs, we will not hesitate to tell the blood thirsty members of the PDP and their police attack dogs that Nigerians are ready and willing to meet them frontally in our bid to reverse the progressive destruction of the country through bad and corrupt leadership the PDP has been promoting in the past fifteen years.

“We call on the Inspector General of Police to quickly bring the perpetrators of that heinous crime against the constitution and Ekiti
people to immediate justice. We demand the immediate arrest and trail of the particular police officer from Bayelsa State who was commissioned to lead this provocative attack and we call for an open enquiry to ensure that all those behind this act of treason are brought to justice.”

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