Opinion: Terrorists Have Drooled On Innocent Girls As World Market Trophies

If money is almost equivalent to free speech with willing givers and takers of lust, one would think a man should be able to spend his money the way he sees fit, just as a woman should have the same right. But like all rights, there is a limit when it impugns on others ability to fully develop their own right. In other words, a man should not be criticized for spending his money for a willing giver to lust. But the seductress must be morally old enough, not just legally old.

We all lust but some of us lose control, become deranged. Of all people, President Carter was not supposed to admit lust in his hearts in controversial interview years ago. But when we see Sani Yerima the Governor that first instated Sharia law and Bola Tinubu grinning holding “Bring Back Our Girls”, many wondering minds want to know what they were thinking: time to replace virgins or dollar opportunity. Terrorists have drooled on innocent girls as world market trophies.

If disgraced rich or famous men have to do it all over again, most would swear to be rather poor or cut it off, than destroy dreams. Well, most addicts make the same pledge only to go on another binge after withdrawal and recovery. It could be an addiction for sex, food, drink or other drugs. Lord, lead us not into temptation, not to get hooked since withdrawal is harder.

Not only can what men do for sex destroy them, it may affect the career of their partners and their victims. As for victims, they may not further their schooling or train for a career that may make them self-sufficient. The younger they are (omo father) when exposed to dirty old men, Rev. Father or Mudarris the greater the chances that they may become truants and sex addicts in their beautiful youthful years. As they get older, nobody cares or look where they are again.

Let us face it; young ladies enjoy the power to capture men just by showing colorable skirts; go as far as tweaking. It does not necessarily mean they want it right then and there. Flirting short of opening up your panty is part of human behavior, just like other members of animal kingdom display feathers. They may also attract the wrong admirer that does not take no, for an answer.

For the umpteen time 70 yr. old Gov. Nyako, has been caught with a teenage girl. We refuse to believe the young Aisha(s) only happen with Northern governors. For some reasons, Southerner colleagues keep theirs well away from the press. Religion and impunity of leadership contribute blindly to their desires. It excuses sex acts of the religious born-again right in U.S Waco leader David Koresh, polygamous Marmon, Jim Baker and Ted Haggard as in African religious leaders.

It is outrageous when hedonists command states’ purse, schools, planes that their members are too poor to afford or attend. They urge their followers to contribute for their salvations by submitting to the desires of their leaders, even the married ones. We hardly see women engage in many of these outrageous activities because we scrutinize ladies more except when they are victims and it is ungodly for women to have many sexual partners that men can easily get away.

Therefore a political figure that is a member of one of these religious organizations can claim immunity with young ladies or even underage girls as long as the holy book says so. The fact is in those days, the holy books were written by cave men. Women had no other prospects than becoming good housewives and having children. Now they have a choice of both or either.

Indeed, the connection between money and lust is very strong regardless of strange isolated and unrelated characters. For example: Ms. Stiviano, Magic Johnson and Donald Sterling racist comment. It did not disprove the fact that Magic Johnson was a voracious “groupie” shiner that Sterling has a right to be jealous and even afraid of. Aids may not be politically correct, but the man has reason to be scared. Dumbfounded, that at his age he only bought lust temporarily.

Unfortunately, Sterling’s estranged wife labeled him senile: on to get half-half. There is nothing new again about men and their penchant for lust, that estrange their older wives. It is not that rich ladies can’t do the same but most are more discreet with boys. There used to be a time when, whatever you do in your bedroom is your business. Not anymore, there is a market for juicy story from whoever wants to kiss and tell. It’s more salacious, if you are famous and rich.

Former International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss Khan famously known as DSK displayed a different type because he paid dearly with his career. Everyone around him knew he was an addict. So was President Clinton who had consensual sex with an intern in the White House. Apart from the moral turpitude associated with such behavior outside of boys club, the spouse, wives or girlfriends of these men might be subjected to ridicule based on association.

There is the dividing line or blurred demarcation. Most countries or states have legal lines that are below moral age. We struggle with age even in cases of twenty-something year old Monica Lewinsky that insisted it was consensual with the President and the fact that the affair not only almost destroyed his Presidency but destroyed her own career and chances of getting married up to her middle age! After all these years, politicians still dig it up.

Moreover, it may affect the chances of Mrs. Clinton to get a clean shot at the Presidency. All for one man’s lust for a seductive young intern that derived pleasure for capturing an older man’s innate but uncontrollable desire. Take sugar daddy’s money, do not say no if he is not famous.

Consequences for men are not less destructive because once exposed for their hypocrisy, it can end their political careers, destroy their church or mosque and in some cases subject them to criminal penalties, if illegal. With such a high price to pay, men still engage in these activities. The only way around it is to shield their voracious appetite for sex with moral dignity by invoking God. So if young Aisha engages in it voluntarily or becomes member, it’s deliverance.


Written By Farouk Martins Aresa


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